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Traditional and Neutral Christmas Front Living Room

This front living room has really captured my love for traditional and neutral Christmas style this year. Earlier this week I shared the nook under the stairs, and how I approached a balanced neutral look using some vintage collection items I have, anchored around a beautiful raw pine piece and some club chairs (see that space here). I also shared a super simple easy DIY Log Centerpiece, a great way to pull some natural elements into a space, while also having a little fun making you own DIY decor. Now we are going to take al look at the full space and see how I tied it all together for this years Traditional and Neutral Christmas look.

When I think of traditional and neutral Christmas, I think of pulling in as much natural elements, that may not be Christmas forward, but with some compliments of subtle Christmas items, I  get the perfect cozy Christmas space. Think, white stoneware filled with mercury ornaments, vintage looking prints like framed silhouettes with garland around them. Finding ways to showcase your everyday-all year along collections, and putting a festive touch to them. As a love of home decor and design, I do save spaces for different looks, so if you enjoy the bold pops of red, I  have spaces for those as well, but this one I wanted to show how you can easily make a space Christmas, without filling every corner with garlands, twinkle lights, and Santa art. And the best part about these looks, is that when Christmas comes and goes, the space is very easily transitioned to a cozy winter space allowing for you to keep that warm and cozy vibes all the way to spring.

Christmas Tree Corner

Traditional Christmas Tree

Classic Christmas Horse

Let’s just start off with the pinnacle anchor for the space. I have always loved a wooden rocking horse in a Christmas vignette… I find myself adding it near the Christmas tree each year, and love how it offsets this space. I have had this horse for a few years, and stripped it over the years… so you’ll see some remnants of the white that gives it the nostalgic and vintage look. I love the pine tone underneath and fits the space so very well.

Vintage Shipping Box

The horse next to this vintage shipping crate with Battle Creek stamped on the side. There is a Battle Creek Michigan, which is a major shipping hub, so a great way to pay some local homage, and fits the tree so very well… in fact it has fits our tree so well that this box has indirectly become the dedicated tree box for our traditional space. I love how it fills the space below the tree and anchors the corner, that compliments raw wood furniture pieces.

A Traditional Tree decoration

This is one of our favorite tress from Balsam Hill and it typically finds itself in this more classic space of our home. Last year I let it show its beauty on its own, by displaying it without ornaments and thought it was so very elegant and classic. This year I have been really loving the return of my mercury glass vintage ornament collection, and loved showcasing those ornaments off with touches of new ornaments to get this softer and subtle looking Christmas tree. There is something so special about walking down to a lit tree in the middle of the night, I wish I could freeze time just to get that glow all year long.

Christmas Mantel

I shared this mantel unofficially of the past few weeks. The mantel, like most, demands the most attention focally. To make the mantel fit my traditional look, I utilized some faux foliage we had from last year. I really bulked up the faux foliage here and  added some oversized pinecones to help soften the visual space. You can see some of the sources that are still available & more options [HERE]. Some candles really showcase my collection of vintage brass candleholders and help slowly bring the light up from the foliage and the mantel to architectural pieces centered in the room. To add in the touch of Christmas we hung stockings off the mantel… once Christmas is over, removing simply the stockings leaves this panel winter decor ready.

The Mora Clock Corner

I absolutely love this little Mora corner of this space. The reason I love this little corner is because somewhat hidden away from regular view. If you come into the space and have a seat on the sofa or either chairs in front of the fireplace you’ll easily see this little corner set up with one of my favorite Mora Clocks and a little side table showing some festive ornaments, a vintage wooden lamp, and a faux tree. Another little vignette that importantly brings in the longer room, to make it feel more quint and cozy.

Wingback Chairs

Moving into the seating area I love these two new additions to this space. Not antique, purchased from my store, The Found Cottage, I have a special love for a structured wingback with exposed wood edges. Bringing in the sheep pelts to add some texture and fill a relatively dead space above the chair, it really brings in that winter element into the look. If you are not in love with having some pelts, a throw would make a great alternative. I cannot tell you how much I also love the round side table between the chairs. I haven’t fully shown it off, but its inlayed with a glass top. I plan on creating a vignette of smaller collections within the table to add the extra attention to detail.

Making larger pieces festive

I do love a lot of elements in some spaces, it can add an eclectic charm. Hanging wreaths and garlands off door knobs and cabinet handles, or creating a little look on top of cabinets and dressers are a great way to bring the eye up and fill in dead space. The room as a whole should feel balanced, and sometimes those little areas above our furniture pieces or a long piece that isn’t decorated could take all the attention away from the curated space. Welcome those larger pieces into the look by adding just a few holiday elements to them.

I hope you enjoyed this little mini tour of our Traditional and Neutral Christmas front living room. I unintentionally create these spaces with design elements I am currently loving, and this year I am just in love with natural and classic. We do have a few more rooms to do yet for the holiday season, so keep an eye out for the next look, but this year I am loving subtle and elegant elements. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day, it truly means the world to us here on the farm. Keep up with us daily on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Thank you again, stay cozy!