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Cozy Winter Bedding

I think we all can agree that this time of year, you sometimes feel like you have to schedule your breathing into your schedule because how packed your calendars can get. Between the normal work and day to day, plus holiday shopping, family parties, and everything else, nothing is more important during this time of year than getting recharged through rest and relaxation. I am not going to go into detail, but there is a lot of great info to back up that rest is not only needed when you’re tired, but helps to keep your body ready and equipped to fight away those winter sicknesses. I think my everyday content, of why I think having a cozy home is more than just pretty aesthetics… but a part of centering your mind and body, and a portion of recharging to equip you to take on those daily challenges. What better place to start your journey into ensuring you have a cozy space to recharge yourself, is the bedroom, and more importantly the bed and mattress. Every bedroom can look different depending on where you find ways to relax. We just added a brand new mint mattress from Tuft & Needle and we couldn’t be more rested and relaxed these past few days… let me tell you how we picked this mattress.

I think a lot of people put off buying a mattress because it can be a little bit of buying blind. This year we came to a huge milestone, Copey got into a big boy bed! A room update for him has made it to the project list (when-I don’t know)… but we completely attribute his new mattress to the smooth transition from crib to cozy bed. We loved that it comes with a washable cover that zips and fits correctly. It also uses materials that help cool those hot sleepers, and Copey is one hot sleeper. Fast forward to our new routine, we lay in his bed each night and read a book before bedtime and realized quickly this family of three (plus two dogs) on a small twin mattress should be that comfortable.

Jose and I bought ourselves an early Christmas present this year and added a Tuft & Needle Mint mattress for our king bed in our bedroom. Having slept on it now for 3 weeks, we are so very happy with our purchase and couldn’t pass this on to the next person who may be in the market for a new mattress. Tuft & Needle has more than just mattresses also! We completely copied Copey’s bed with oatmeal Organic Jersey Sheets and the Duvet. I love how the jersey sheets are a perfect blend from regular sheets and flannel, also with how they stretch a good tuck keeps them looking clean and wrinkle free. I do also want to call out the beautiful color of this duvet cover. This is the Tuft & Needle Linen Duvet in Sand, and paring it next to some classic and vintage linens and colors we are drawn too… its perfect! All together… Tuft & Needle was our one stop shop for a beautiful bed ready to relax and recharge to help tackle the holiday season!

For the holiday season they are having some huge sales from mattresses to bedding for everyone in the family…

up to $800 off mattresses
up to 25% off other sleep essentials.

During the holiday season we have lists of gift ideas for everyone, but ourselves. If you can find a way to work something you may want on that Christmas list, I encourage you to take advantage of some of those amazing deals that are going on. We clearly love Tuft & Needle, we now only have their mattresses on every bed in our home and know you’ll love them too. Thank you so much for stopping the blog today and every other day. It truly means the world to us over here on the farm.