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DIY Tree and Garland Spray

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Our family has always loved going out to get a real Christmas tree. But with our kids growing up and moving to different cities, we can’t always do it any more. CUE THE TEARS! I miss that tradition with our family so much : ( but hope we’ll get to do it again.

I also miss the scent of a real tree in our home. There are some real benefits to faux, so I’m a fan, but the scent isn’t one of them.

Over the weekend I whipped up a room spray that smells so good, I thought I would share this idea. The spray is made of REAL tree oils, so of course it smells just like the real deal because IT IS! No need to spray any faux perfumed toxic scent in your nose or lungs.

All of the oils I use in my home are the real deal, so you can safely breathe them in and enjoy them in your home.

I’ll share a simple spray recipe below (use any of the tree oils!) and also will post links (and a free gift!) below to some of my favorite oils and toxin-free products that are on sale today (and all week, while supplies last).

Tree and Garland Spray Recipe:

To a 2oz spray bottle add:
-30 -50 drops pine, spruce, or fir essential oil (or any combination of them!)
I’ve linked my favorite tree oils here.
-Splash of witch hazel (optional)
Fill with filtered or regular water and spritz your faux greens to make them smell like the real thing!

DIY Tree and Garland Spray

I used Idaho Balsam Fir, which isn’t available at the moment, but I highly recommend any of the spruce oils I linked above! They are all fabulous.

DIY Tree and Garland Spray
DIY Tree and Garland Spray
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I have ordered all of my essential oils and scented products from Young Living for about eight years now. They are wonderful! Today and this week (while supplies last) they have a HUGE Black Friday Sale, you can find some of my favorites linked below.

DIY Tree and Garland Spray
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DIY Tree and Garland Spray
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Here are some of my favorite oils and products made into handy wishlists! You can add any of the items you want from the list to your cart!

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