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Neutral Christmas Decor – Entryway Vignette

Can we go a holiday season without some cozy inspiration in our entryway? To be honest we weren’t supposed to have this space under the stairs, due to some major renovation we have planned for this area, but since this nook is still here, what a great opportunity to make it a little cozy for the holidays. Christmas can have all different looks among spaces within your home. You can showcase your collection of your traditional reds, golds, and greens, and dial it down to a very neutral Christmas decor look. We aim to inspire through design and decoration, because a cozy home is more than aesthetics, it can be welcoming to holiday guests, or help you relax and reenergize. I always believe that the entryway to your home is a great way to display elements that define your family, interests, and style. For our little vignette we combined a few one of a kind items, antiques, and new decor. Of course for this look I had to use some of my favorite antique pieces mixed with some of my favorite holidays collections to create a cozy neutral Christmas nook under the stairs…

We anchored the space with this antique drawer piece that we have had stored up for a future renovation & have just stored it here while we wait. We have had this drawer piece around a few different places around the house, it is so versatile, one of our favorites. Not only is this a beautiful pieces a great piece for storage. We have a few items for DIY’s, candles, even some of Copey’s toy storage. To bring the eye up we showcased our antique European deer mount. Taxidermy is not for everyone, but a large mirror, architectural salvage, large artwork, or gallery wall would be a great alternative to this antique taxidermy piece. I personally feel connected to pieces like this as I find nature the most beautiful artwork of all & when I see them in antique stores I feel like I need to give them a good home…

To add a festive Christmas touch, I sprinkled in a few ornaments into this vignette. One thing I love about this element, is if you remove the ornaments after Christmas, it is great winter decor that will take you to spring! I did a post [HERE] on ornament collections that would work great for looks like this to stack them in bowls or of course decorating trees &. more with them. A little lamp gives off the perfect little entryway light at night and a great way to balance the eye in contrast to the heavy weight of the mount. Placing a sublet mirror in the space helps bring some light to the nook that,  fairly well lit, but a great way to bounce some more light into the space if you don’t have a lot of lighting or a space that sucks in a lot of lighting. It’s also very useful if you need to take a peek at yourself before you head out the door. & of course some antique mirrors also adds some character, texture, & interest to the space as well.

I filled in the spaces with a few more smaller collections that bring in a neutral earthy texture that compliments the piece and the mount. Some old ledgers and logbooks, a linen journal. Surprisingly, there is a hidden vintage inspired journal placed in here. So if you find yourself isolated from all things aged, don’t count out your online shops for some vintage-inspired items. Some seasonal faux greenery brings life into the space, and softens the earth tones.

Since we are focusing on a more neutral Christmas decor look, we are incorporating a lot of natural textures, like natural linens, and a sheep pelt added texture over the heavy vintage leather club chair. We picked up these awesome worn leather vintage club chairs from our annual Found Cottage Mercantile Market that we hold over Labor Day each year. We found the pelts while antiquing a few years ago. We love the homage it pays to our sheep here on the farm, while also breaking up the silhouette and overall visual weight of the leather chairs.

Pull this all together and you have a beautiful, welcoming Neutral Christmas decor entryway, waiting to welcome you next guest. What I love the most about these subtle style approaches is with the removal on only the ornaments, you have yourself the perfect winter decor look that’ll take you all the way to spring. We love keeping things simple here, especially this time of year. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day, truly means the world to us over here on White Cottage Farm. Thank you again, and keep up with us daily on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Stay Cozy!