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Petra Collection: Create The Most Exclusive Bathroom Design

November 15, 2022

The Petra Collection is a line of bathroom items that was created as a tribute to the marvelously magical Petra City, where structures were exquisitely and unearthly sculpted out of stone. Given that the bathroom is the area in the house that is used the most frequently, where most people spend more time during the day, and where the design must be both aesthetically pleasing and very functional.

The Petra Collection

It’s simpler than you think to give a bathroom a stylish appearance. All you need are the proper features and details. The Petra Collection has a lot of potential for creating a chic and opulent bathroom aesthetic.

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The Petra Bathtub

A relaxing soak in a striking design. The Petra Bathtub is a classic and sculptural piece that would look amazing in your bathroom. This bathtub is both modern and traditional, enveloping you in a peaceful and cozy atmosphere with a magnificent blend of Ibiza marble and black wood while still evoking any classic style. The bathtub is made much more sumptuous and has an even more vibrant and elegant color thanks to the Cross Grey Surface, which contrasts with the marble.

The Petra Bathtub

This bathtub, which combines Ibiza marble and wood, is modeled after the ancient city of Petra, where structures are built directly into cliffs of stone. This piece, part of the Petra Collection, creates a one-of-a-kind, timeless visual experience for the most opulent bathrooms thanks to the black gloss appearance of the wood and the various shades of white.


The Petra Pedestal Sink

An amazing material contrast is between wood and marble. Any bathroom will seem opulent because of the distinctive and lovely combination that wood and stone make. What a beautiful modern bathroom with amazing wood-like paneling that gives warmth to the space. It’s ideal for a bathroom that should be soothing and welcoming. The Petra collection, Petra Freestanding, and Petra Towel Rack, which blend Ibiza marble and wood for an exceptional eternal experience for the most opulent bathrooms, are just a few of the stunning components of this fascinating bathroom.

The Petra Pedestal Sink

The Petra Modern Pedestal Sink’s molten marble appearance was created to resemble the City of Petra. This contemporary freestanding piece has a large, useful drawer on the front and a high gloss black lacquered wood frame. The bathroom interior is given an opulent glow with the addition of a sculpted melting vessel sink fashioned entirely from one single block of Estremoz Marble.


The Petra Towel Rack

Warmly welcome your visitors! This contemporary, opulent area guarantees an appealing and comfortable atmosphere with its grey appointments, metallic embellishments, and neutral and dark color scheme. The Tortoise Suspension Cabinet and the Shield Mirror in this guest bathroom highlight the charm of your house. These amazing objects combine to create a modern space with a rustic charm. Petra Towel, a statement item made for those seeking the best in modern furniture, is a perfect complement to the mirror’s luxury and unique design.

The Petra Towel Rack

The Petra Towel Rack brings the City of Petra’s prehistoric inspirations into the contemporary era. The Petra towel rack displays all of its magnificence when the hand-carved Carrara Marble block and the polished brass tub come together. An iconic product made for individuals seeking the best in modern furniture design combined with exquisite details making for amazing bathroom decor.


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The Petra Vanity Cabinet

This custom hotel interior design has a stunning atmosphere and a terrific high-end vibe across the entire bathroom. The TORTOISE Mirror adds a touch of the natural world to the bathroom, while the PETRA Freestanding truly helps with the high-end concept.

The Petra Vanity Cabinet

The Petra Vanity Cabinet’s appearance of melted marble transports us to the City of Petra, where structures are built directly into cliffs of stone. The Petra Vanity Cabinet has a large, useful drawer on the front and a high gloss black lacquered wood frame. A sculpted melted vessel sink constructed entirely out of one block of Ibiza marble completes the design. By including this vanity cabinet in your bathroom, you can be sure to create an opulent and magnificent atmosphere.


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