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Holiday Garland at the BOTTOM of Stair Railings {A Twist!}

A twist on the traditional stairway garland — hang it at the bottom! 

Have you pulled out any holiday decor yet? I always like to get a few things done before Thanksgiving, but this year I’ve been on a roll.

Our family (especially my husband) LOVES Christmas decor, and would happily have it up for months out of the year. 😆 

After Halloween he starts asking when we’ll pull out the tree, and when I’m ready to take it all down at the end of the year, he’s asking to keep it up for a few more weeks. 

I’ve started pulling out the Christmas decor for a few areas and working on spots that take the most time, like our stair railings. This is the earliest I’ve ever started, but it’s been fun to have the time to play around with different ideas for our holiday decor. 

I’m really excited about possibly being done earlier than ever this year so I can relax and ENJOY the twinkle lights. 

Our open stairs are one my very favorite parts of our home! I choose classic white balusters and a stained railing that matches our wood floors. Over the years I’ve added greenery draped various ways at Christmas. 

The first year I attached thick garland under the railing: 

I’ve also swagged the greenery and wrapped it around: 

greenery wrapped around railing

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All are beautiful! You just can’t go wrong with any combination of garland and lights.

I’ve recently been looking into the “real touch” greenery that has been all over social media the past couple of years. A site called Afloral sells it, but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on garland, even though I love their quality. 

I was THRILLED when I found the exact same Norfolk greenery at Kirklands, and on sale! I also got a discount code when I signed up for their emails, so I got this gorgeous greenery for less than half of what Afloral charges. 

I had to purchase online and pick mine up at a local store — look for that option if they are sold out for shipping!

This stuff really is as nice as it’s hyped up to be. It feels so soft, but you can manipulate the wired branches easily: 

real touch soft greenery

It looked lovely when I draped it from the stair railing, but then a different idea came to mind. 

I stood there looking at it, thinking — do people do this? Do they lay the garland on the bottom of the stairs? Is this even allowed?? 😂 

Well…I did it. 

I used 3M Command hooks and these clips to secure the greenery to the base of the stairs:
3M clips for garland

I like to add pretty details to my garlands to beef them up even more. Pinecones and these beady picks add some color and texture: 

pinecones and beaded picks Christmas

I got all of mine from Hobby Lobby years ago and use them in different ways every year. 

I found these metal bells in that same “filler” aisle at HL this year and grabbed a bunch of them at half off: 

metal bells in garland

They are SO pretty! I wish I would have gotten a bunch more! 

I scattered them throughout the greenery, adding a bit more at each newel post along the railing:

pinecones bells in greenery

Someone loves to play with the beads. Do you see the paw?: 

garland at bottom of railings

Of course, garland isn’t complete until the lights are on it! 

I wrapped them throughout and they finished it all off perfectly!:

real touch norfolk greenery dupe

I LOVE the look of these along the bottom! The way they drape along wall is so elegant, but also a cleaner look compared to hanging them from the railing: 

brass bells stair newel post

This garland method also frees up the railing. I’m always a little nervous covering the railing for safety reasons. 

I think this would look great with thicker garland as well. You can really stuff it full and not worry about it getting in the way of going up and down the stairs!:

Christmas greenery at bottom of railing

Of course this works best with open stairs like ours, but if you have an open loft with railings, this would be a lovely touch. Or, if your stairs have open railings at the bottom steps. 

This is one of the spots that takes me the longest when I decorate for Christmas, so I’m happy to have it done and looking good! 

white stained stairs with garland

This way of “hanging” the greenery was also much quicker — I usually hang it from cup hooks under the railing, so this took a lot less time and effort. 

It really makes this part of our family room a beautiful showcase!: 

open stairs garland on bottom

Do you have stairs you like to decorate for the holidays? I have a few other gorgeous examples to share with you as well!