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Glamorous Luxury Bedroom Designs With Adriana Hoyos

November 17, 2022

Adriana Hoyos furnishings was founded in 1994, but since then, it has transformed into an iconic brand for glamorous design based on a Latin American style. Vertically integrated, having international headquarters in Miami, Florida, and manufacturing facilities in Quito, Ecuador. The company, which is family-owned and operated, was founded on the idea of providing distinctive and stylish products with significant added value that improve places with upscale comfort.

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Adriana Hoyos

They are an international designer’s furniture collection with glamorous appeal and taste that produces an opulent resort experience that pampers and calms clients on a daily basis in their homes or venues.

Bedroom design by Adriana Hoyos

Through their designs and products, they elicit emotions and sensations that improve the environment in which they are placed. Their goals are guided by the brand’s idea, which also serves as a yardstick for success. Their ability to match the high standards set by brands is challenged by the design industry’s constant change.

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Ella Puff

Ella Puff is the ideal addition to a refined and peaceful setting because it is inspired by ancient Greece. The Ella Puff is a unique item because of its softness and beautiful black color. Ella Puff has a plush velvet sofa with a classy polished brass contour that goes well with any kind of bathroom furniture.

Bedroom Design by Adriana Hoyos

Adriana Hoyos is known for her distinctive style, which is represented in her furniture and home design. Her aesthetic is timelessly warm and sophisticated. She has worked on hundreds of interior design projects and eleven furniture collections during the course of her more than 27-year career.

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No. 20 Armchair

The No. 20 Armchair was developed after a protracted journey with a total of 24 prototypes created with the goal of reinterpreting natural forces. No. 20 stands out for its attitude, which is reflected in its fabric, a stunning and distinctive blue weave, and a structure that hugs us with tenacity and resolve, like Mother Nature.

Bedroom design by Adriana Hoyos

Adriana is regarded as a pioneer in the furniture and interior design industries. For well-known people and businesses in the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, the United Kingdom, and France, she has developed a sizable portfolio of residential, commercial, and hotel projects.

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Orbis Mirror

Orbis is a classy mirror that is shaped like a rectangle. The intricate frame, which is composed of gold-plated brass and embellished with tiny golden spheres, adds a contemporary touch to any gorgeous luxury bathroom design. The Orbis is a chic and opulent piece that can be hung either vertically or horizontally to suit your needs.

International media outlets including CNN, Vogue Mexico, Architectural Digest, Interior Design, Florida Design, Nexos, and others have covered Adriana’s work. She has won numerous accolades and recognitions, including the Latin America Editorial Award for Excellence in Design from Architectural Digest, commendation at the World Market Las Vegas, and at the International Fair of Contemporary Furniture (ICFF) as the most memorable exhibitor.

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Como Chaise Lounge

Italia’s Lake Como is renowned for its breathtaking landscape. The Como Chaise Lounge, which is entirely composed of cotton velvet and is inspired by its trademark water lilies, pays homage to the beauty of nature.

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