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Conversation Starters for Holiday Gatherings

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My book Simple Gatherings is all about ways to inspire connection. I shared in the book that you don’t have to have a perfect house or host an amazing or expensive party to have a memorable gathering with friends or family.

I know sometimes hosting people in your home can feel intimidating. I want to encourage you to not stress too much! Remember that most of all, your guests will be so excited to see YOU and be welcomed into your home. Especially after the crazy couple of years we’ve all had, that community and connection will be all the more meaningful.

While you certainly don’t need to make everything perfect, there are also simple things you can do that will make your gatherings extra memorable and a special event for you and your guests to enjoy.

In Simple Gatherings I shared how you can simplify hosting by focusing on the 3 things guest remember most: the atmosphere, the feast, and the conversation.

Conversation cards are a very helpful tool to make conversation easier. Even if you have a lot to talk about, it is sometimes just so nice to have little cards like this lying around to spark more meaningful conversation or to inspire a topic you may not have thought of.

We offer some free printable conversation starters from my book you can download here.

You might have seen this Hygge Game in our Gift Guides–I ordered it to have ready for our upcoming gatherings! I flipped through some of the cards already and can imagine some fun conversations happening with family. This set would be perfect to grab for the holidays, or even if you’re not hosting it could be a fun one to bring along with you or even leave as a hostess gift!

Conversation Starters for Holiday Gatherings
Hygge Game

Get the cards here (if you have Prime you can probably get them before Thanksgiving, or you can try Prime for 30 days free here). They’d also make a fun stocking stuffer!

You can see more ideas in our Gift Guides here!

Happy Holiday Gathering!

Conversation Starters for Holiday Gatherings
Hygge Game