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Be Amazed By Nadav Shoval Bathroom Projects

November 11, 2022

Nadav Shoval, a certified architect who graduated with honors from the Technion—Israel Institute of Technology—specializes in boutique hotels, private homes, and luxury apartments. The studio, which has 15 years of expertise in the high-end market, strives to provide exceptional service and innovation that will help the owner achieve amazing outcomes.

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If there’s one room that deserves a little extra luxury, it’s the bathroom. Now available with a short lead time.

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Bathroom Projects By Nadav Shoval

The studio specializes in Interior design for the private sector. And offers tailor-made solutions to all needs and desires, from floor layout to fabric selections.

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Use Diamond Freestanding and Blaze Mirror to simply create a luxurious aesthetic in your bathroom while maximizing your available space with a shower cubicle and freestanding! These outstanding items have distinctive designs that are likely to impress, stand out, and seamlessly fit into any design while allowing you to express yourself. With its elegance and thoughtfully muted light, the Glimmer Mirror completely completes the decor.


Nadav Shoval has 10 years of experience in offices specializing in construction for Millennium.

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The wonderful Como Chaise Longue fulfills the promise of luxury in this amazing bathroom’s highly potent Dark tones. With its high gloss black lacquered hardwood structure and feet and meticulously handcrafted carving detail on the glass doors, the magnificent Metropolitan Washbasin bestows an incredible sense of refinement on the space. Simply put, it’s breathtaking.

He worked on luxury hotels in Israel and abroad and served as a responsible designer in the “Meyer el Rothschild” tower, in Tel Aviv.

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The gorgeous color of gold, which can give any bathroom design a touch of richness and elegance, must be used in contemporary designs. The Koi Bathtub, the Nazca Washbasin, and the magnificent McQueen Rectangular Wall Light Mirror are all displayed in one gorgeous design. These items add a distinctive and unmatched feel to the bathroom by displaying textured and geometrical forms. This style is ideal if you want a stunning look that is also calming and self-care-friendly!

Inspired By The Look

A bathroom with a darker tone does not preclude having bright elements there. This stunning bathroom is an astounding statement in pure blissful luxury, wonderfully contrasted with the natural light that floods this amazing private retreat. It has a stunning Symphony washbasin and the dramatic Ring Rectangular mirror.

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