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How to Make a Wreath (For Any Season)

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons (apple cider, pumpkin patches, scary movies … all the good things!) And, it’s also my favorite time to make crafts.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to make a wreath for any season. That’s right! You can easily decorate your front door for winter, spring, summer, and fall with these easy wreath DIYs.

I love easy projects (like making wreaths) because they can be made in the evenings after work (or on the weekend) while catching up on your favorite TV show or podcast.

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What Kind of Base Should I Use?

The most common wreath bases are:

  • Grapevine – this wreath base can be easily embellished with hot glue.
  • Wire frame – this wreath base is sturdy, long lasting, and versatile.
  • Styrofoam – a classic-shaped wreath base that can be wrapped in fabric or yarn.

What Supplies Do I Need?

Here is a list of common wreath-making supplies:

Is it Cheaper to Make Your Own Wreath?

Yes. Making a wreath is typically cheaper than buying a ready-made wreath. Be sure to use craft store coupons when gathering your supplies to save more money!

DIY Wreath Ideas:

Here are 15 ways to make your own wreath!

Pampas Grass Wreath DIY

I love the texture and simplicity of pampas grass, and this wreath is perfect for the autumn season. You can easily make this wreath with different colors of pampas grass if you’re looking for some variety.

White and Gold Holiday Wreath DIY

I love the white and gold elements of this floral wreath and you can keep it up for Thanksgiving and Christmas (or anytime, really!). I love holiday decor that you don’t have to switch out as often.

Spring Wreath DIY

This spring wreath is made entirely from felt, and those tiny carrots are too cute. This wreath is perfect for spring and Easter decor.

Twig & Pom Pom Starburst Wreath

Have some extra sticks in your yard? Turn them into a twig and pom pom wreath for your front door. You could also customize this with driftwood for a different look.

Paper Flower Wreath DIY

This paper flower wreath DIY includes a tutorial to make your own paper flowers. You can use the flowers for other other projects like garlands (or a faux bouquet) as well!

Easy DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas

Three ways to make a Halloween wreath using embellishments like spiders, black flowers, yarn, and more. The possibilities are endless when it’s spooky season.

Flower Grapevine Wreath

You could use faux, fresh, or dried florals to make this flower grapevine wreath and customize the colors to fit any season. I love using dried florals because you can reuse them each year.

DIY Yarn Wreath

This easy DIY yarn wreath might be the easiest (and least expensive) to make on this list. The red ribbon is perfect for the holidays, but you could easily swap it out for different seasons.

Fresh Mandarin Wreath

If you are a fan of creating wreaths with fresh elements, you will love this DIY fresh mandarin wreath. And, I won’t blame you if you eat a few mandarins while you’re making it …

Easy 4th of July Ribbon Wreath

If you are looking for an easy Fourth of July wreath to hang on your front door this summer, look no further—the perfect one is here!

Disco Ball Wreath

I love this disco ball wreath for the holiday season and New Year’s. This wreath is ready to party!

DIY Tiny Gourds Wreath

This tiny gourd wreath is one of those crafts projects that almost anyone could do—it’s basically just arranging and hot gluing things together. So easy.

Easy Oversized Christmas Wreath DIY

Looking for the perfect festive holiday wreath? This oversized wreath doesn’t require a giant store-bought base. Instead, it’s made out of pool noodles. Yes, you heard that right!

Bunny Pom Pom Wreath DIY

Sometimes I feel lost when it comes to decorating for Easter (and the spring season), but I LOVE this bunny pom pom wreath!

Cranberry Wreath DIY

If you’re looking for something over the top for your Thanksgiving or Christmas get-togethers this year, try this fresh cranberry wreath. The deep red color really pops with the pink ribbon!

I hope this has inspired you to make a wreath for your front door (and give your mail carrier something festive to look at). Happy crafting!

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