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Modern Bathroom Designs: Inspiration From The Diamond Collection

November 8, 2022

Modern Bathroom designs are an opportunity to create a sophisticated, relaxing, and comfortable ambiance in your bathroom inspiration. With limitless options, it is up to you to decide how to put together a magnificent private retreat.

The Diamond Collection

The Diamond Collection is more than just a simple design collection. It has a particular significance that is ingrained in Maison Valentina’s creative DNA and mission: the capacity to always enhance things and push the limits of creativity. Although creativity is hard to pin down, we do know that it happens when we can rearrange objects or symbols to produce artwork that is exceptionally defined and results in the most bizarre and unique creations.

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The Diamond Bathtub

Stunning design components and sophisticated lighting combine to create a gorgeous, opulent, and modern bathroom. With our Diamond Bathtub and Symphony Freestanding in black and gold blending in mesmerizingly with all the elegance and appeal one could desire, this magnificent environment is breathtakingly contemporary. This opulent modern bathroom furniture collection provides the required elegance for high interior bathroom design.

Diamond Bahtub

The Diamond Freestanding Bathtub is wonderful. A contemporary tub with a wooden frame coated in a high-gloss black varnish is the ideal addition to a bathroom with a darker color scheme. With a built-in oval tub that will give you the most luxurious baths in the world, it boasts an astonishing irregular shape that was inspired by the distinct lines and characteristics of diamonds.


The Diamond Pedestal Sink

This modern bathroom, with its majestic setting, is fit for kings! The exquisite Diamond Freestanding and the beautiful KOI mirror are featured in this opulent setting, which is enhanced by the high gloss black varnish of the freestanding and the magnetic golden elements of the mirror. Excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident in the Diamond Freestanding and Diamond Towel Rack.

Diamond Pedestal Sink

Wherever it stands, the Diamond Pedestal Sink attracts attention. The interior is coated in gold leaf, which contrasts well with the timber structure’s high gloss black finish. A built-in oval sink made of glass with a translucent black finish and an uneven shape completes this opulent freestanding piece.


The Diamond Towel Rack

With the appropriate bathroom accessories, minimalist homes may still look amazing! The appropriate bathroom accessories can help make a design both basic and opulent. The Diamond Towel Rack is a remarkable product with a polished brass frame and a base made of Nero Marquina marble. Improve the look of your modern bathroom with this modern, elegant item with appealing high-end details.

Diamond Towel Rack

The Diamond towel rack has three levels and is made of polished brass. The base is fashioned like a diamond and is made of Nero Marquina marble. The sleek and modern design concepts produced with beautiful high-end finishes make this the ideal item to enrich your bathroom décor. It will undoubtedly enhance your bathroom decor.


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The Diamond Vanity Cabinet

This gorgeous, modern bathroom decor is anything but royal. This bathroom’s surface contrasts the black and white marble to produce a spectacular impact that heightens the notoriety of the opulent furniture. It is a genuinely magnificent, luxury design. The bathroom features the Diamond Single Washbasin, the amazing Blaze Mirror, and the Astounding McQueen Wall Lamps to create an impressive, regal bathroom design in black and gold tones. Your pleasure in the room is enhanced by the inclusion of the Imperial Snake Rug by Rug’Society.

Diamond Vanity Cabinet

Wherever it is, the Diamond Single Vanity Cabinet attracts attention. It has a hardwood frame that is high gloss black varnished, a hue that beautifully contrasts with its inside, which is covered in gold leaf. The built-in oval sink glass on this lovely item has a translucent black finish, adding a stunning touch of elegance to any bathroom décor.


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