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How To Update Any Lamp – DIY Painted Lamp Shade

Hi friends!! I did a diy today that I wanted to share & it’s one I’ve done many times before & I realized I never shared it with you because it’s usually one of those quick things I do after midnight when the idea strikes me. Well, this time I documented it in case you needed some inspiration on how you can update any lamp that you have. Some ways you can update a lamp: Paint it, use rubn’buff on it, replace the lamp shade, & even add some more details to it like a new finial. But today I am sharing a way you can update a lamp without spending any more money & by using spray paint you already have on hand…

The lamp before:

The lamp after:

Some tips on spray painting your lampshade:

That’s right, I just spray painted this lamp shade & gave it a whole new look. Now, of course it sounds simple enough, but there are some things to remember & things to avoid:

-Clean the lampshade very well before applying any paint! Get all the dust off, hairs, & really clean it up. I actually didn’t do a great job at this one & you can see every single little particle when the paint is applied. Use a duster cloth, a microfiber cloth, or even a magic eraser or toothbrush to really clean it all off. I made the mistake of not doing this thoroughly because I was impatient & I have some flaws I need to clean up now, but it’s fixable!

-If you have a loud lamp shade like me & you are going lighter, use a spray primer to help your next coats & your final color go on easier.

-suspend your lampshade up on a box so that the lampshade isn’t getting anything from a table, garage floor, or whatever surface you are painting on on the shade. Everything will want to stick to it.

-work in very even coats… this will take time! You want your lamp shade to look good when you turn it on as well. Heavy spots will show so work in even light coats & wait for it to dry in between. This shade took me two days to do.

-Don’t forget the underside of the shade! This will help make the light filter more evenly, clean up the shade, & also not have the old color peek through the bottom if it’s visible when styled.

I used rustoleum spray paint in heirloom white [satin] for this creamy white color. I added it to my DIY section of my storefront [HERE].  That’s it. So simple really, but if you didn’t know you could do this, YOU CAN! Of course every shade will be different, every material acts differently, & do this at your own risk. But before you spend any money on a new shade or throw one out, give this a try. Thanks for stopping by the blog today & every single day to see what we are up to! xx