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Rug Options For Our Master Bathroom

Our master bathroom is cold. If I had the option to do it all over again, and start our bathroom remodel from the beginning, the one major change I would make is to add heated floors to the bathroom. We live in Texas, so it has never dawned on me that heated floors are a thing I’d want or need. Our summers are very hot, our winters are generally mild and short. Heated floors seem like a waste of money in Texas.

But after working long days in that bathroom through the summer, and now into the fall, one thing I can tell you is that a room filled with that much tile in a house with a pier and beam foundation is COLD. And it’s cold no matter the time of year. The floor is insulated under the house in the crawl space, but it’s still cold.

So I thought that maybe adding a rug to the room would help. I started looking for a rug for our bathroom about a week ago, and let me tell you, the options are few and far between. I was looking for something that:

  • Had some color (neutral rugs are just not my thing)
  • Didn’t have so much color that it competed with the mural
  • Didn’t have too much pastel pink because that, combined with the wall color, could start looking like a baby’s nursery
  • Didn’t cost a fortune
  • Was very thin so that Matt’s wheelchair wouldn’t have problems going over it
  • Was made of something that cleans easily, like polyester, especially since this room will have an exterior door for a while longer, and our dog Cooper comes in and out of that door at least twice a day.
  • Was the right size to fit our 12.5-foot-wide bathroom.

I’m not picky, right? 😀

Well, finding rugs like that proved to be very challenging.

Have you ever been searching for something, and you come across the PERFECT thing, but it’s way too…something? Way too expensive. Way too big. Way too small. Way too impractical. So you keep looking, but now the selection has been spoiled because nothing will compare to that first thing you saw.

Yep. We’ve all been there. And that’s what happened with my search for the perfect rug. I found it almost immediately. I did a copy and paste so that I could see it in our bathroom. You’ll have to use your imagination and look past the mess in the room, but here it is…

Perfection in every way. The colors, the size, the pattern (except that one black thing…what is that?). I love that rug so much.

But it’s $890. It’s a one-of-a-kind overdyed Turkish rug from the 1960s. *Sigh*

Obviously, that’s absurd. There’s no way I’d spend $890 for a rug for a bathroom that my dog will track mud on when it rains. But when I continued looking, nothing else compared to that rug.

I did manage to find three more that I think might possibly work.

This first one is from Ruggable, and it’s called the Kamran Ivory Opal rug. I was disappointed that their runners are only available up to 10 feet long. I was really hoping for a 12-foot runner.

Here’s what that might look like in the bathroom. It’s a very pretty rug, and I like that it’s washable. But it’s just not me. It’s a little too neutral and traditional for my taste. It’s beautiful, but it’s just not quite what I was hoping for (because, again, the $890 rug spoiled it for me).

The second rug I found is this blush/gray rug from Wayfair. It comes in a 12-foot runner, which is perfect for our bathroom.

They don’t actually show a picture of a runner, so for my mock up, all I could do is copy and paste the large rectangle rug and manipulate the size, which distorts the pattern on the rug. But here’s the general idea…

The third rug is this Dietrick Oriental Machine Woven Rug in pink/green/blue from Wayfair. This is way more “me”. I love that it’s colorful and muted at the same time. It only comes in a 10-foot runner.

And here’s what that one might look like in the bathroom.

I’m not sure which direction I’ll go. If I had to choose right this minute, that last one is my favorite. It’s way more “me” than the other two. I wish I could purchase all three and then send back the ones I don’t want, but I don’t want to bother with packing up rugs and paying shipping to return two rugs.

Or maybe I’ll just go crazy and pay $890 for a bathroom rug. (Just kidding!) 😀