How to Power Through Winter and Get Stuff Done at Work

Woman relaxing at work office desk – Image Courtesy of Pexels

Winter is officially the least productive time of the year. In most countries, the weather is extreme or prevents you from doing certain things. And you may also get seasonal affective disorder. But there are ways you can power through winter to accomplish your goals.

Force Yourself Outside

Whether or not you have seasonal affective disorder (SAD), you should try to get at least 10 minutes of sun every day. Getting outside helps your body make vitamin D, which is very important. Also, when your days become a little longer, it can simply reassure you that spring isn’t too far away. Making up reasons to go outside helps a lot. Check out seasonal office supply deals at local hardware stores, make plans for lunch, or take a break in a nearby park.

Take Extra Measures to Stay Healthy

During the winter, more people get colds, flu, and of course, COVID-19 than at any other time of the year. And if you miss work because you’re sick, it makes it harder to get back on track because you’re always working to catch up and get more done to make up for it. It can be hard or even impossible not to get sick in the fall and winter. But you can try to avoid it by taking essential vitamins, practicing social distancing, and washing your hands.

Power Through Winter with a Workplace Spring Clean

You might wait until the temperatures rise before cleaning your home for spring. But when it’s cold outside, you can do it at work. Use the extra time you have because you spend more time inside when it’s cold by doing something you enjoy. For example, you might want to organize both your physical and digital files and clean up your workspace. You will feel less stressed, and the effects of SAD at work will be much less severe if you stay on top of things.

Stay Ahead of the Weather

Weather-related lateness to work is the worst thing that can happen. Depending on where you work, it could be embarrassing or even cause you to get in trouble. So, if the weather is going to be bad the next day, leave earlier so you can get to work on time and not be stressed when you get there. You can prepare for bad weather and make arrangements for getting to work on time if you need to by using weather apps, getting news reports, and talking with co-workers.

Work for an Hour Longer

Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. But if you are hesitant to depart work early in the winter because it’s cold, you can use that to your advantage. There isn’t much to look forward to during the winter when it gets dark early. So, you can stay in your comfy office and work for an extra hour. You can get more jobs completed, catch up on emails, or get rid of less important tasks that take up your time. And it’s likely that your boss will love you for it.


You can power through winter at work with some small changes and a positive attitude. Try getting some more sun for vitamin D, spring clean your office, and stay an extra hour at work.

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