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15 Easy Fall Decor DIYs (Budget-Friendly!)

You know the time between Halloween and Thanksgiving when you’re not sure how to decorate? It’s the perfect time to put up fall decorations!

The great thing about the fall decor DIYs in this roundup is that they are are easy to make and budget-friendly. A total win-win! I would personally keep all of these fall decorations up after Thanksgiving until I’m ready to bring out my Christmas decor.

If it’s too soon to think about Christmas, keep scrolling for everything fall!

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Fall Floral Garland DIY

This fall floral garland is so pretty and customizable. And, it can be made with inexpensive items from your local craft store—like faux flowers and fluffy yarn.

Tin Punched Votive Candles

These tin punched votives give off the prettiest glow. You can use leftover cans (like small cans of spaghetti sauce) to make them. I would put these on a Thanksgiving table or on a kitchen counter.

Welcome Home Door Wreath DIY

You can easily add phrases, designs, or your last name to this festive dried wreath using liquid clay. Have you tried it before? It’s such a fun technique!

Paper Leaf and Mandarin Garland

If you haven’t dried mandarin or orange slices in the oven, you have to try it! It makes your house smell amazing, and you can use the slices to make things like garland or Christmas ornaments.

Modern Hoop Wreath DIY

I love hanging a cheery floral wreath on my front door and I like that this one has more of a modern look with a gold hoop base.

Easy Faux Weaving DIY

If you love the look of a large and fluffy wall hanging but don’t know how to weave, this easy weaving DIY can be made without any experience. It’s basically just tassel making!

How to Make Homemade Potpourri

Homemade potpourri creates a cozy sensory experience in your home, but it can also be a cute decor idea. Simply find some vintage jars or leftover vessels to store it in.

Fall Phrase Garland DIY

This felt phrase garland gets the award for the cutest fall phrase ever. Laura made this garland for her porch area, but you could put it anywhere in your home (and pick any phrase you want).

Caned Candledholder DIY

How to Make a Caned Candle Holder

I love anything with a wicker or rattan look—especially these caned candle holders. They remind me of something I would find in a store like Anthropologie.

How to Style an Edible Centerpiece

This table centerpiece is not only gorgeous and colorful, but it’s also completely edible, so nothing will go to waste. It’s such a unique idea!

Pampas Grass Wreath DIY

I love the texture and simplicity of this pampas grass wreath. It’s perfect for autumn (or any season).

Felt Leaf Wall Decor DIY

This felt leaf wall hanging is so cute, and it can be hung in your home year after year. There’s a free leaf template included in the post so you can easily cut out your own leaves using your favorite shades of felt.

Birch Wood Tealight Holder DIY

Tealights create such a warm, comforting glow at night and this birch wood tealight holder would be a perfect addition to your fall decor. If you don’t own a drill, you can have a friend help with that part. The rest is super easy!

DIY Pumpkin Pie Place Cards

These pumpkin pie place cards would add a cute and personalized touch to any dinner party, Friendsgiving, or Thanksgiving meal.

Fresh Mandarin Wreath DIY

Mandarins aren’t just for snacking. They’re so pretty when you incorporate them into decor—like a cedar and eucalyptus wreath.

Want to make your home extra cozy while you decorate? Make a stove simmer (stovetop potpourri) using a combination of oranges, cloves, cinnamon, and cranberries. It’s the best thing! xoxo, Jacki