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DIY Christmas Village Wreath – DIY Anthropologie Dupe

I am back with our second anthro dupe of the season & I am really excited about this one for a few reasons. One reason is that as soon as I saw this wreath $200 from Anthro  I knew I wanted to recreate it for less & the second reason is that I really thought this was going to be fail when I started it a couple weekends ago. It takes me longer to do things these days with a toddler, don’t judge. Anyways, I finished it this morning & it FINALLY came together in the last minute. I love it. This is the Liz Marie x White Cottage Farm version of this wreath with all of the whites & neutrals, but when you see mine you will see that you can customize it to make it your own in your own style…

The wreath I wanted to recreate:

Anthropologie Wreath Inspiration for DIY

My version:

DIY Wreath with Neutral Colors

A DIY Wreath can be the EASIST DIY, once you find the items you want to use. My problem & why I didn’t think it was going to work out was because I couldn’t find the right houses & so I tried painting my own & I didn’t love it. Then one day I stopped at Target & I spotted some tiny houses in the dollar spot! They come in a pack of two from &3-$5 for a pack. They had houses with lots of color & these neutral houses that I chose. I used floral wire & hot glue to attach the bottle brush trees & the houses to the wreath. Before I attached them, I used paint and a brush to flock my wreath. The wreath was a plastic/green wreath & I wanted to age the wreath more & love how it turned out. If you want to age or flock any of your greens I used craft paint & paint from fusion mineral in layers. It took a while to dry, but then I used a clear matte sealer to seal the wreath because I didn’t want it to rub off. I finished the wreath off with bottle brush trees I found on amazon (link). I simply hot glued these & it worked very well!

White bottle brush trees on diy wreath

See how you could make this your own! You can find houses, paint houses, use a custom wreath, put ornaments on it, use faux snow on it, & so much more. You can make it fit your Christmas decor for a lot less than $200! I do love that anthropologie wreath & don’t shame anyone who wants to get it.. it’s beautiful! I just know that I wouldn’t take care of it as much as I should for that price.

natural DIY Wreath with wooden houses and bottle brush trees

I hope that you loved this little diy & dupe! I shared another anthro dupe [HERE] last week where I made a mushroom candelabra that is around $400 normally for a LOT less! I hope you enjoy both of them & make them your own! Thank you for stopping by the blog today & every single day to see what we are up to! xx