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Vintage Plush Santa Collection – Cozy Cottage Farmhouse Christmas Decor

A couple weeks ago I stumbled upon a collection of Santas marked down at a local antique shop that I just had to take home. I knew it was one of those things that some people would LOVE & some people… would not. Me? I love them. They have character, each one is so unique, & they truly just remind me of the joy of Christmas’ past.  I imagine the families who had displayed these at Christmas & the children in the 1950’s playing tricks on their moms by moving them around the house. I just love it. So I grabbed a bag full & I wasn’t sure if I would use them at our shop’s Christmas open house that is this coming weekend or if I would keep them here on the farm. Either way, you know I had to do a look with them, so here is a quick little Christmas corner I put together with the Santas & later today on Instagram [HERE] I will post a fun video of this little cheerful corner as well..

I did a bit of research on these rubber face plush Santas, but since there is such a variety I can’t pinpoint one maker, but I do think they started making these in the 1950’s & I found a bunch on Etsy [HERE] & eBay [HERE].if you want to read more about them & also you were interested in any of these vintage plush Santas. Even if you don’t love the plush Santas. you could create this look on a shelf or in a cabinet with other Christmas items like ornaments, brass bells, a christmas village, & so much more. Stacks of books, in my case white books I talked about [HERE], & placing the Christmas items you choose on the books around the shelves creates a simple Christmas statement with your favorite Christmas collections. You could even use new Santas that are vintage inspired if the real deal is too much for you like these ones I found [HERE].

We are going to start simple this year & I truly hope you love this simple Christmas look today & that you find it inspiring in some way! You can see more Christmas sources, Christmas inspiration, & Christmas decor [HERE]. & be sure to pin this for later Inso. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today & every single day to see what we are up to. xx