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How to Deal with Bathroom Condensation

Condensation not only mists up mirrors and windows, it can lead to unsightly mould too. Although you’ll never completely stop condensation there are a few simple yet effective ways to reduce it in your bathroom.

To prevent condensation forming in the bathroom you should open a window and switch on the extractor fan. Keep the bathroom door closed so the moisture doesn’t escape into other areas of your home. If you forget to open the window or turn the extractor fan on, you’ll soon notice the large amount of condensation that’s formed. Ok, so you may not want to open the window on a freezing cold morning, but it won’t be chilly for long, as the hot water and steam will soon warm the bathroom up.

Cold wall surfaces such as ceramic tiles will also attract condensation, and the only solution to reduce this is to keep the bathroom warm. Underfloor heating can help with this issue.

You may also want to consider double glazed windows if you only have single glazed. Single glazing is colder and attracts more condensation.

Open a window

Opening windows is one of the simplest ways to reduce condensation in the bathroom.

Although opening a window may not be high on the agenda during a cold winter’s morning shower, it’s an easy way to help excess moisture and steam escape rather than clinging to the water vapour and landing on surfaces around the room.

Turn on the extractor fan

An extractor fan is another way to control condensation.

An extractor fan takes the moist air out of your bathroom and transports it outside. You should clean the extractor fan every so often to remove dust and dirt – this ensures it runs effectively.

Splash out on underfloor heating

Other cold surfaces like ceramic floor tiles will also attract condensation.

Investing in underfloor heating is a great long-term solution when it comes to tackling bathroom condensation and as a bonus, it is likely to add some value to your home as well.

Ensure windows are double glazed

In older properties, double glazed windows may not always be fitted.

Double glazing helps retain much more heat than single glazing which will warm up those colder surfaces that are likely to attract condensation.

Fitting double glazed windows is another long-term solution that will add value to a home too.

Wipe down surfaces afterwards

How a bathroom is left after a steamy shower or bath is extremely important when it comes to eliminating mould.

Always remember to wipe down any surface that has acquired condensation before leaving the extractor on or windows open to air out the room. Use a dry towel to soak up as much moisture as possible.

I would recommended regularly checking walls, fixtures and fittings for mould throughout the colder months and acting fast if you notice any black spots to ensure that the problem doesn’t getting any worse.