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5 Super Unique Cozy Gallery Wall Scroll Stoppers – Cozy Cottage Farmhouse Decor

This theme comes up a lot in my scroll stopper posts. I think it’s because the gallery wall is an art form that always stops me in my tracks. It’s so personal & unique to each individual creative & I truly enjoy studying them & saving them for inspiration. & I enjoy sharing them with all of you as well. So, here we are! Here are 5 cozy cottage gallery wall scroll stoppers that stopped me in my tracks this week & new creatives for you to follow if you don’t already…

This gallery wall from ispydiy is so lovely! It’s crisp, organized, & yet still has that collected feel with the antique art & frames. I just love this whole space & I find it so welcoming!

I love this gallery wall that theslipcoveratelier shared! The way it moves from wall to wall & covers such a large span of the room is so inspiring. The eclectic frames prove that it’s a collected gallery wall & not just one found at a big box store & we all know how cozy collected spaces are. Truly inspiring!

Though spaces here on white cottage farm look totally different from those that grandmillennialmama shares, I still appreciate the beauty & I’m so inspired by this collection hung in this gallery for many reasons, but one is that I think we often put ourselves in a box or make up a set of rules based on gallery walls others have done. This one inspires me to be different & stay true to my authentic self. I hope it inspires you too.

This is the type of living room that begs you to come and cozy up. in it. All the layers, the cozy fabrics, the golden light, & look at that pup! The gallery wall from mollyinmaine is what caught my eye. I love all of the natural elements displayed, mix of frames, & the loose layout. It’s all cozy!

& this last one from ralphlaurenhome just gets me so excited for the holiday season! Hosting, gathering, & cozying in with loved ones. From all the patterns to all of the eclectic frames in this gallery wall. I love this cozy space & I hope it inspires you in some way too!

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today & every single day to see what we are up to. I hope this post gave you a lot of inspiration & more creatives to follow in your scroll. Be sure to click [HERE] to see more current inspiration & more of our recent posts. Thank you again! xx