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Cozy Wool Slipcovers – Personalize Your Ikea Furniture

A while back I showed you guys the fabric samples that I got for our Ikea sofas & I am so excited that I got the slipcovers in & oh my they are so cozy. I have loved every slipcover that we have received from Bemz, but there is something so cozy about this wool line that I am obsessed with! I have shared Bemz many times before as it’s the company that allows me to personalize our Ikea furniture & elevate the look of the pieces, but if you haven’t seen those posts, Bemz.Com is a great source for slipcovers to personalize all of your Ikea furniture. I have had many of their linen slipcovers & have loved them dearly, & the same for these wool pieces that I will. be using in the fall months…

I chose the plaid wool in fawn for our two Farlov chairs from Ikea & the Melton wool in birch for our Farlov sofa. As soon as we put these on the sofas we snuggled up on them & couldn’t believe how cozy it as to have a soft wool texture all over our sofas. I HIGHLY recommend this fabric for the winter months, & any month for that matter, but it truly feels like a big bug when sitting on it.

I have been a slipcover lover for many years so I have slowly grown a collection over time to alternate my slipcovers season to season. It helps our home feel fresh and new each season & allows me to change up the look of a room just by changing out the slicover. It also makes wash day so much easier because instead of living with a naked sofa for a day I can just switch out the slipcovers while the current one is being washed. If you have exsisting Ikea pieces this is is a great way to refresh & and renew your exsisting pieces without getting a new sofa.

I hope you guys liked this look at an alternative slipcover for our Ikea pieces. So thankful Bemz has this wool line now & some fun classic patterns to change up the look of our room. You can see more of these pieces on our Instagram [HERE] be sure to follow me over there! xx