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50 Kids’ Room (And Nursery) Ideas You’ll Both Love

When it comes to ideas for decorating kids’ rooms and nurseries, the sky is the limit— but it can feel a little overwhelming with where to start.

While decor for kids’ rooms is a personal choice (and you want it to fit in with the rest of your home), we’ve got tons of ideas and project inspiration to get you started off right for any budget or decorating style!

From bedrooms, to playrooms, to nursery decor, we’ve got you covered on interior design ideas that will grow with your kids and fit your family to a tee.

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Bright and cute kids room

Just because it’s a kids’ room doesn’t mean that you have to do a nondescript lighting fixture. Choose a fun chandelier like this that also compliments the vibes in the rest of your house to elevate the space.

Use cute baskets on the floor for toy storage. That way, it’s quick and easy to put things away and kids of any age can help clean up when it’s all being put into a basket.

purple closet doors in kid's room

Consider a custom closet door DIY to take boring doors to a new level (this star design DIY is perfect for a kid’s room but here are a few options).

pink glider in nursery

Gliders can be the central hub of a nursery, and they get used long into toddlerhood for storytime and snuggling. Choose a quality one you love and get a glider (or rocker) that fits the overall style of the home so it can be used in other rooms later if you like.

And if you want versatility, choose a more neutral color (or one that appears a lot in the home) so it can still match as you change up the room design or use it with a new baby later.

oversized rainbow wall hanging

Make a DIY Oversized Rainbow Wall Hanging! This large rainbow project brings in color and sunshine to any kid’s room and is mostly made with pool noodles and yarn!

Or, you can buy your own if you aren’t the DIY type.

nursery with floral wallpaper

Wallpaper, wallpaper, wallpaper!! Choosing wallpaper for a kid’s room can be such a fun experience, and choosing something special like Emma did for her son’s room can make all those late nights in the nursery a cozy place to treasure.

We love wallpaper resources like this since there are tons of patterns to choose from and you can even tweak designs to your specific needs.

Bright and cute kids room

If the cost and effort of wallpaper is a deterrent for you, you can always go with …

A hand-painted wallpaper project for your kids’ room or nursery. Projects like this painted nursery wallpaper or this painted daisy wallpaper are very budget-friendly, and you can easily paint over them when you want a change!

Choose a crib that turns into a toddler bed like this one (or this similar acrylic crib), and you’ll stretch your money further when it comes time to leave the crib walls behind (and if you aren’t changing your room design it will already match!).

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Hanging single higher shelves in areas can also give you more space to display decor items (or keep more usable things out near a diaper station), but still keep them a little out of reach for smaller hands.

You can either go with more kid-like shelf options or a more elevated look with some brass or marble.

Choosing toys that are also display worthy kills two birds with one stone since you can set them out as a sweet decoration, but they also get played with and earn their keep! Favorites of ours include wooden stacking rainbows, cute plush dolls, and wooden toys!

grey glider in nursery

Choosing an ottoman that’s different from your glider also helps to add some more variation to the room rather than one that’s too matchy-matchy. We love a furry one to add texture.

Fun novelty pillows are also a great way to add some personality to a room and can be used as your kiddo grows.

mini guitars on display in kid's room

Hang toys as wall decor like dolls, toy cars, or these mini guitars—that way you get some wall art and some toy storage at the same time!

photos in a wooden photo holder

Adding family photos to a kid’s room is an easy way to decorate (and keep faces that don’t live nearby familiar to them), and you can display them in fun ways like this Wooden Animal Photo Holder DIY to give it a whimsical twist.

Bright and cute kids room

Paint an easy rainbow accent corner wall using whatever colors go best with your nursery or kid’s room.

Corner accent details may suit your room layout better than an accent wall, and an easy rainbow is the perfect theme to choose! If you don’t want to use paint, you can do a large rainbow wall decal like this!

Layer different sized rugs for textural variation. While you may have one larger rug you love for most of the room, consider layering a smaller rug (or rugs over it) for more visual interest—or to designate a reading area or play nook.

Love a cute playroom? Check out these creative spaces:

Makeover an IKEA play kitchen to fit your room theme! If you have space in your room (or playroom) for a play kitchen, you’ll be surprised at how many years you can get out of some play-cooking fun.

It’s a go-to for friends when they come to play, and you can make it fit your room theme, from mid-century vibes to a more traditional, classic feel. And if you don’t want to DIY a cute kitchen, you can just get one of these!

plush lion rug

Add a plush animal mat for lounging! This plush animal mat DIY or this lion rug is the perfect pal to put on the floor for tummy time or reading/coloring activities. Cute, furry, and cozy. You may even want to lay on it, too!

Bright and cute kids room

Think about getting light-blocking curtains or blinds for better sleep. When it comes to getting babies and kids to sleep as long as possible, light-blocking blinds and curtains can really make a big difference.

Thicker velvet curtains like these add a lot of coziness to a room, but also help to block light. Just make sure to get cordless blinds for kids’ rooms for safety!

Buy a washable rug for easy cleaning! Rugs like this brand are great for cozying up a room, but also being able to be thrown in a home washer as needed. If you already have kids then you know how handy that can be!!

rattan headboard on bed

Try a statement headboard for a big kid bed. Statement headboards like this or this one add a lot of personality to the room and can get used up through pre-teen into teen years, as well.

bookshelf with kids books on it
bookshelf with kids books on it for halloween

Books, books, books! You can either do wall-mounted shallow bookshelves to display books like these shelves or these shelves (perfect for creating holiday themed book walls) which hold less but show more of the book.

house shaped bookshelf with kid's books and toys on it

Or, you can choose a low bookcase for easy reader access. Keeping books down low in bookcases like this will encourage book interest from a young age, and bookcases are a great way to store the most books in a room compared to a shallow display shelf.

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Find a spot for a mirror. Mirrors are great for kids’ rooms because can use them to make funny faces together, show them what their princess crown looks like, and more.

It also helps to bounce some light around the room (making it brighter) and makes the room feel larger. Try something simple and chic or something fun!

peach wallpaper with two beds in kids room

Like the look of this wallpaper? Try this hand-stamped clementine wall project!

Bright and cute kids room

Try an accent wall for a pop of pattern! If doing a whole room of patterned wallpaper feels like too much, try doing an accent wall behind the bed or crib. Check out our tips for When To Wallpaper An Accent Wall (and which wall to choose!).

Hang a weaving instead of a photo for a cozy texture. We love weavings hung on walls (check out our weaving archives for more weaving projects!) and whether you make your own easy (faux) weaving or buy a beautiful one already made, you’ll instantly notice how cozy it makes the space.

dresser and hanging chair in kid's room

Collect small vintage items to group together like these rattan butterflies or brass animals for shelf decor.

Add shiplap to the walls (or just one wall) as a textural accent. Shiplap is a great way to add some detail without it being an overwhelming pattern, and you can paint it any color you like to match or contrast the rest of the room. Want to do it yourself? Check out this post!

Consider an animal theme for a classic way to tie a room together, and you can incorporate that animal into bedding, wall hangings, and toys as much (or as little) as you like!

kid's closet organized

Closets should be part of your room design too! Choose closet hardware colors and storage containers to match the rest of the room.

You can even spray paint closet rods like Elsie did in her kids’ closet.

Check out our Tips for Organizing a Kids’ Closet with The Home Edit!

built in IKEA wardrobes

No closet? Try adding in some IKEA wardrobes to build your own into a room! Storage is KING when you have babies and kiddos around, so not having a closet in a room (or a very small one) can be tough.

Building some IKEA wardrobes like these may be the thing you need to add the space you want without taking up a lot of floor space.

If you don’t have closet space, you can also add a cute clothes rack to a room like this DIY kid’s rack or this sweet wooden one for hanging items and the accessibility helps to teach little ones to dress themselves, too!

organized kid's closet

Add wallpaper or pattern to unexpected places. Putting wallpaper on the backs of shelves or in areas like closets give a little pop of pattern (and a surprise) without being “too much” for pattern conscious people.

Plus, if you don’t have to wallpaper a whole room, you’ll save time and money by focusing on a smaller spot (and you can do a removable peel and stick wallpaper for renters or for easy removal).

wicker elephant hamper in kids room

If you don’t have room for a hamper in a closet, choose a hamper that’s cute enough to be part of the room decor like this elephant or bear!

bookshelves with kids toys
Bright and cute kids room

Consider adding built-ins to a wall for storage and display. Elsie added these custom built-in shelves to her daughter’s room to frame the bed, giving them tons of room for toy and book storage.

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art corner with art supplies

Add an art corner to foster creativity. Whether it’s in a playroom (like Elsie’s playroom) or directly in a kid’s room, having a little corner or section for an art space can really foster kids’ creativity with age-appropriate supplies.

And, it gives you a chance to display supplies in rainbow order if you wish!

Display your kid’s artwork proudly in frames where they can switch it out themselves! Especially if you are on a budget, displaying their artwork is a freebie that you already have, and they will feel so proud to see it on display.

You can make DIY kid art frames where they can switch out the art themselves as they make new creations or you can also buy them already made.

You can also take your kid’s drawing and turn it into a graphic art poster to display. Just follow this tutorial to turn a drawing of any size into whatever size poster you want for your room to add that personal touch you’ll all feel proud of.

kid's makeup vanity in kid's room

Look for or make one “special” piece for a room. It’s always fun to keep your eye out for one really special item that goes into a room that kind of feels like the star of the show, and makes the space unique.

It could be a DIY whimsical children’s vanity, a vintage wicker decor, a toy item from the flea market, or a custom neon sign. Anything that jumps out as unique!

faux stuffed animal heads on wall

Try a faux taxidermy wall with cute animal heads! No scary faces here when you pick some plush cute faces to hang together on your wall.

You can choose whatever animals are your favorite in the soft category, or try a raffia animal face for a more natural looking option.

Check out this Fabric Lion Bust DIY for a cute option to make at home!

kid's toy boxes with names

Add something personalized to the room. Adding something unique to your kiddos room with their name makes it feel like the room is really theirs. You could learn how to build a toy box or browse some really cute kid items that you can personalize to your little one.

star stamp to stamp wallpaper pattern
Bright and cute kids room

For an easy budget-friendly idea, try a stamped wall for an easy wallpaper that can be painted over whenever you move or want something else! We love this star pattern idea that can grow with a kid for years to come.

Choose a dresser that can grow with your kid. Dressers can be an investment piece for a room when you choose one like this or this that can have a removable changing table mounted on top.

Once diapers are over (yay!!), you can take it off, switch out the hardware for a new look, if you like, and give that dresser a whole new life!

built in wall desk in kid's room

Add a built-in wall desk to save room (but add a table). Built-in wall desks like this built-in computer desk DIY are a great way to save some space while still giving your kid a place to color or do homework.

You can even get one that folds down for extra space savings!

Bright and cute kids room

Add a hanging chair to a space for a fun reading spot! Cozy hanging chairs like this one or this cocoon one are a great space for older kids to hang out and read or listen to music or audiobooks. I mean, what kid doesn’t want a little swing in their room?

eye mirror on wall with cactus wallpaper

Stencil a wallpaper or accent area! Another budget-friendly decor option is to stencil a design on a wall like this cactus pattern in Elsie’s playroom. All you have to do is trace the shape over and over!

house bed in kid's room

Give a plain bed frame a fun makeover! A great way to DIY something is to choose a frame and then add something fun to it!

We changed this simple house bed frame and turned it into a Palm Springs-inspired bed with just a few additions to make it special, and even added some felt planter boxes with hidden toy storage!

felt succulent window boxes

Add some DIY felt succulents in a window box. This DIY is both super cute decor (and a toy) since you can make the plants detachable and your little one can grow their green thumb from their room all year round!

green bunk beds in kid's room

Go with bunk beds for shared rooms (or for sleepover space!). Bunk beds are a classic for a reason. You get two beds for the footprint of one, and it’s fun for kids that are old enough to be up high and feel a little more independent.

And, going with a fun color like in this kid’s room gives a little twist on a classic look (here’s another cute green option that’s similar).

Have kids sharing a room? Check out our tips for room sharing and tour this shared bedroom for ideas!

floral wallpaper in nursery with rocking horse

Bring in a family heirloom! Kids’ rooms are ripe with nostalgia, so they are a great place to use or display a family heirloom like grandma’s rocking chair or a toy you had as a kid.

Items that shouldn’t be played with can go up high on a display shelf or hung on a wall but can still be seen and appreciated.

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