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Anthropologie Dupe: DIY Mushroom Candelabra

Do you ever come across something that you simply cannot get out of your mind. For me the Anthropologie Mushroom Candelabra was one of those pieces of home decor this year for me. I came across the series and absolutely loved them. As I planned different spaces for the holidays, I kept coming across little nooks for the mushroom candelabra, and pictured how awesome it’d fit into a space, especially on the fireplace mantel. Taking a more budget-conscious approach to my seasonal decor to set aside more funds for the bigger projects, I chose to pass on the $398.00 piece of decor and DIY an inspired one for around 30 dollars. Let me show you the inspiration & the dupe.

The $398 candelabra from Anthropologie:

& how ours turned out:

Jose and I were laughing earlier today, thinking how much we enjoyed the project and how it fits into our space but people may think this could be comparable to trading spaces glued fall leaves on the walls… regardless if this DIY is for your or not, its fun to get crafty and save some money to get personalized  looks. There really isn’t any tutorial here, it’s 100% creativity and a little bit of trial and error. I referenced Anthropologie’s Mushroom Candelabra for inspiration throughout the placement of each item, but make it your own. Here are the materials and supplies we used to make this project! Jose and I each made one & we want to make more because it was so much fun! You can truly customize this with everything to make it fit your style and home. As with any project be sure to use safety measures especially when using things like fire, chemicals, & more. Be sure to take caution when making something like this & do it at your own discretion. We made sure everything was tight and attached where a candle would not fall & made changes as we went if something looked out of place. Here is what we used to make ours…

Similar Items Material List:

Mini Mushroom. – $8.99

Glue Gun & Sticks – $17.99

Faux Queen Anne’s Lace – $7.99 (40% off coupon)

Faux Fuchsia Berry – $7.99 (40% off coupon)

7/8″ Wood Candle Cups – $3.49

Gold Spray Paint – $12.31

So we had some items already, but we estimate this project to be right around 35 dollars if we were to purchase everything from scratch, assuming you already have a glue gun, and can go find a log base in mother nature. The faux stems we purchased from both Hobby Lobby and Micheals and were significantly discounted, with coupons. In all honestly the most expensive item to make this were the woodland mushrooms we bought in store. Looking online you could find much cheaper options for the mushrooms, but the faux stems were pretty affordable at both Micheals & Hobby Lobby!

A few tips we learned as we went, was the suspended candle holder we re-supported with other faux stems and hid the added support with faux leaves and branches. Any heavy drips from the hot glue or bulky hot glue sections, we hid with some of the faux foliage. All I can say is have fun with this project and get creative. If you don’t like the way something lays out, take the tip of your hot glue gun and reheat the glue and reposition the piece. So much fun… this simple DIY has me inspired to tackle more small DIY’s like this. I feel like too many DIY’s lately (ours included) were large weekend projects or overhauls. Nothing like a little glue gun, a fun movie in the background, and some paint to add your own personal touch to a project.

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