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The Best Gingerbread Christmas Decor – Cozy Cottage Christmas Decor

There is something I LOVE about a real gingerbread house in someones home during the holidays! It just screams cozy to me & feels so welcoming. We always make gingerbread houses during the holidays, but ours are never as pretty as others I see, but we make the best memories & that is all that matters. Since I love seeing  gingerbread houses around the holidays, I did find a bunch of gingerbread christmas decor around the internet to get that perfect cozy cottage christmas decor if you love the look & feel of them as well. You can click the individual photos below to shop all the gingerbread decor. Be sure to show me if you end up getting something from this post, I would love to see!

Shop all the above gingerbread decor you see above & more here: