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The Best Rugs For Kids – Washable Vintage Inspired Rugs

I am so excited to share this today!! I get asked all the time about how I keep our house clean with a toddler & living on a farm. Well, the short answer is that we don’t, but the long answer is that I have learned over time with my love for all things white & neutral, MAKE EVERYTHING WASHABLE! Well, almost everything. There are of course items in our home that are less washable & harder to keep clean, but it’s placed somewhere fitting for that. For my high traffic baby using dog loving areas? It is all washable. Even our rugs. I shared a washable rug about a year ago & SO MANY of you were excited about the idea & that’s why I am so excited to share another brand of washable rugs today from Boutique Rugs… AND (wait there’s more) they gave me a discount code, LIZMARIE for 5% off already discounted items & 10% of everything else, only for 48 hours!

This is the Gael rug in cream up in my office which is a high traffic area, but it’s also located outside of the house where we are walking through a path from outback door up to this room above our garage so shoes are worn & I want to keep things washable up here. Hence the slipcovers & washable rugs. I have ] the 8×10 & I also got the runner in 3×10 that I will share later [see my instagram stories & post for more views of the rugs]. I love that this rug looks like a vintage find, but that’s easily washable. We have a top loader & the next time I wash it I will take you along for that journey. Sizes up to 8×10 are good for normal washing machines, but anything bigger needs an industrial size washer, or spot cleaning. The difference between this washable rug & the other one I have shared is that this one doesn’t have a backing to separate it from before washing. This one form Boutique Rugs is just one piece. I haven’t noticed a difference in feeling as both were thinner & not super plush, but still adds a cozy layer between the wood floors & your feet.

I have not really done much up here in the office in a while as far as decor, but this rug has inspired me to start that journey again. It’s like the beginning part of the puzzle. The space is long & sparse at the moment so I am excited to cozy it up. I hope sharing this washable rug option is helpful for those of you who struggle with rugs in your home with pets, kids, & other inevitable creators of messes [like being creative and starting projects on your rugs like me haha.] I shared a few of the washable boutique rugs I like below & you can check them out by clicking the images for each one. And don’t forget if you find something to use code: LIZMARIE for 5% off already discounted or 10% off full price! Thank you for stopping by the blog today & every single day to see what we are up to. xx

Some more washable rugs from Boutique Rugs I’m loving: