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Weekend Antique Find – A Tiny Green House

I haven’t done one of these in a while! I kind of got out of the habit of sharing my flea market & antique store hauls & it honestly is more fun when I share it with you. I like sharing new items, but the old finds is where it’s at! This past weekend we had a family outing to attend & there is an antique shop I love near by so we had to stop right? I ended up getting. a good haul from here as they were having a massive sale, but I wanted to share one big item I got in this post & then share the rest of the haul later. You will see why now…

I know. She is beautiful. The photos don’t do a good job at showing the size of it. It’s actually very small & not a structure you would walk in to, but more of a decorative garden piece. I just quickly took these photos of it in the parking lot of the antique shop because I couldn’t wait to show you. We actually have to go back & pick it up so when it comes to the farm I will show you immediately. The shop we got this from was West Shore Antique Mall in West Olive.

Funny story: I have looked at this structure at this store for forever. I’ve inquired about it many times, but I couldn’t justify the price ever even though it’s beautiful. Well, sadly this shop is closing so they were basically giving it away now. I don’t even want to talk about the closing part.  This will be the 4th local shop I loved that has closed recently.. hurts my heart!! I find treasures in this shop every time I go, & it makes me so sad to see them close their doors.

I am thrilled to have this piece from a shop I love that I can enjoy on the farm for years to come. This is a full metal structure that comes apart in pieces.  We will most likely be making it the centerpiece of our kitchen garden.  I wish we had it all summer long, but. it will be pretty with snow on it too! Stay tuned to my instagram & more to see sneak peeks at it. Thank you for stopping by the blog today & every single day to see what we are up to. xx