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Favorite Things Friday – Antiques to collect, Pottery Barn Christmas, Cozy Corner Scroll Stoppers, and more class Christmas finds

Welcome back to another cozy Friday! Fall is here, if you live in a place where you get all four seasons, hopefully you are surrounded by all the colors. This year has been breathtaking around the farm, and we hope it stays around for a little while. What I have seen this year in the world of interiors and home decor has been very polarizing, between Christmas decor and fall decor. In a typical year, simply thinking of taking a peek at my Christmas decor this early into fall, pushes people’s buttons. However, this year I feel like there may be a lot more people ready to pull out their garlands and bows, maybe even before Halloween. For us, it has been a family tradition here to start our Christmas Decor on or the day after Halloween. Before we had Copey (who loves the spooky season), we would pull out our Christmas a day or two before Halloween and come up with our plan for the year. On Halloween night, we would put a spooky movie to play in the background and get to setting up our spaces. Since having Copey, this now have moved to the day after Halloween, and we put Home Alone on the TV to be played in the background, where big Home Alone fans here. Regardless where you stand on decor fence, I hope this week on the blog I could help you find your next seasonal cozy look, from my recommendation of antiques I think will fit any fall style, to some really classic Christmas finds from Pottery Barn, Anthropology, and Terrain. Let’s take a look at this weeks inspiration.

Year after year, season after season, people reach out to ask where should they get started when it comes to collecting and showcasing antiques in their home decor. I put together a post that I feel everyone can find a way to work into their decor or find similar items to my list that will fit their color pallets and current decor. Check out my post, “8 Antiques to Collect For Your Fall Decor,” to hopefully get inspired and start a new collection! [Link Here]

I don’t think I’m alone when it comes to adding and “swapping” out home decor, especially seasonal and holiday decor. Its okay to love home decor find a steal on FB marketplace or a one of a kind piece to add to your look that year & turn around a sell it the next year… its part of the love of decorating and style. It’s also okay to create a collection and grow the same collection year over year. I’ve put together some of my favorite items from this years Christmas collection at Pottery Barn (link here).

And regardless if your ready to pull out your Christmas decor or are fine tuning your fall look, I’ve pulled together some very inspiring and scrolling stopping cozy corners. Check out my blog post, 5 Cozy Cottage Core Corner Scroll Stoppers, to get inspired and also stop you in your scroll (link here).

You may have noticed the home page changed this week… We are ready for Christmas! Well, kind of. I just wanted to get some inspiration before that season began if you were looking for it. I will also be doing a lot of sourcing in the next few weeks & I already have some up! You can click the photo on the home page or head [HERE] to see christmas looks, sources, & Inspo from this year & years past. 

I shared a lot of cozy things from knock-off ugg boots, a waffle weave sweat suit, & more. You can see ALL the sources I shared [HERE]. I keep my LTK source page updated daily & I hope that helps you with cozy sources. 

Friday Finds

My cozy finds of the week. can be found by clicking the photos below: