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5 Cozy Cottage Core Corner Scroll Stoppers

It is my favorite day of the week here on the blog! Scroll stoppers! & this week it’s extra cozy. There is something about a corner of the room that is packed with textiles, antiques, interesting textures, & more. I gathered up 5 cozy cottage core corner scroll stoppers that stopped me in my scroll this week on Instagram & that I hope inspire you as well…

When I saw this photo from cafedesignblog I about fainted. One because it’s cozy, but you guys… our master bedroom that was supposed to be done by now, has a very similar layout with a tiny French door and walls around it like this. This got me so excited to finally get moving on our bedroom! This has to be the coziest corner ever.

Coming from a home that has not one finished bathroom, this cozy bathroom corner [yes, bathrooms can be cozy!] that heatherchadduck shared stopped me in my scroll & got me excited to have a finished bathroom one day! The sink, walls, antique treasures, I love it all!

All the pattern that heidicaillierdesign shared here is SO COZY. I’ve been craving more texture & more pattern in our home which I’ve not been executing due to our home being unfinished & waiting for demo, but saving inspiration like this has been fun!

This cozy cottage bedroom corner that whatdecoratesmyday shared stopped me in my scroll as this week has been a tad bit exhausting. A nap sounds so good & a little nap here would be LOVELY I imagine. You have to go & check out all of her cozy squares!

I’ve NEVER been more envious of a cozy corner before! This antique find is epic & I love all the useful treasures displayed on it. We love a useful epic antique find! I am so thankful every time finnfamilyfarm shares this corner because it’s so inspiring!

I hope these posts inspired you like they did for me! Thank you for stopping by the blog today & every single day to see what we are up to. xx