Pets & Hardwood Flooring

Although adding hardwood flooring to your house is a terrific idea for many reasons, prospective buyers frequently wonder if pets and hardwood flooring can get along. Have you ever remarked, “I want hardwood flooring, but I’m worried my pets will spoil my investment by clawing it all up,” or something similar? If so, you are not by alone.

The good news is that pets and hardwood floors can coexist peacefully. The key is to be proactive and limit the potential harm, whether it be from large dogs, small dogs, or cats. Let’s dive into some tips to ensure that your flooring investment is secure among your furry family members.

1. Trim, Trim, Trim!

Your best option for durable hardwood flooring is to regularly clip your pet’s nails, as simple as that may appear. This is particularly crucial if you own a large dog, such as a Labrador, as they carry more weight and can seriously damage your lovely hardwood floors. You have the option of performing the task yourself or having a qualified dog groomer do it for you.

If you have high energy dogs that like to take off running because they heard a noise or heard someone at the door then it’s best to keep them situated in an area where you may not have hardwood flooring, such as the kitchen. If your house permits, it may be worth investing in a dog gate that can separate your dog from areas that you do not want scratched up.

2. Fancy a Nice Bath?

One of the many things that dogs look forward to is going outside (besides food and a good belly rub of course). If you have a dog that frequently enters and exits the home, simply placing a mat outside can pick up some of the dirt and other debris as they return inside. This can only help so much, therefore it is critical to regularly bathe your dog to remove any remaining dirt and debris from their paws and hair.

3. Did someone say Rugs?

Rugs go a long way in preventing scratches on hardwood floors. By covering up areas where your dog is likely to be a majority of time with rugs, your hardwood floors can stay in tip-top shape for a long time as well as add a nice element to your decor.

4. The Denser the Better.

Denser woods have a lesser chance of being ruined by the force of larger dogs. So how do you find out how robust different species of hardwood floors are? It’s actually quite simple thanks to the Janka Hardness Test. This test measures how much resistance certain woods can take. Choosing a denser floor will mean your hardwood floors show less wear and tear from your furry friends. Additionally, consider selecting a lighter colored floor as they have a natural tendency to hide any scratches that may arise.

Bonus: But what about Cats?

Cats are light and therefore do not cause much concern when it comes to hardwood floors. Their sharp claws only come out as a defense mechanism, when they are playing with certain toys, or if they are using a scratching post. If you manage to keep their scratching post and toys in an area that is separated from your hardwood floors or in an area covered with rugs, then you should not have any problems with cats. Though that may not be the case for your new sofa!

Another great perk to having hardwood floors over carpet flooring is when it comes to the clean up. With carpet flooring, these annoying messes become even more annoying when they not only stain the carpet, but also embed trap smells. With hardwood flooring, these messes are only temporary and require a quick and easy clean up.

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