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An Inviting Curl Up by the Fire Mood Board (get the mood with a faux fireplace mantel!)

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An Inviting Curl Up by the Fire Mood Board (get the mood with a faux fireplace mantel!)

Who wouldn’t love to curl up by the fire when the weather turns chilly? A fireplace makes things cozy and sets an inviting mood for a cold day. Sounds wonderful, yes? Except….what if you don’t have a fireplace in the room where you’d want to curl up? Or what if it’s never cold where you are but you still want that cozy ambience of a fireplace?

Friend, don’t you worry.

Today I’ve got just the fall mood board (and a faux fireplace mantel) just for you.

Curl up by the fire mood board (with a faux fireplace mantel)

You can create a warm and welcoming curl up by the fire autumn mood like this in any room or any climate. A faux fireplace mantel like this one would add such coziness in a room without a fireplace!

I really LOVE this mood board. Does it inspire you? It’s charming. So cozy. Feels like fall in a cozy cottage by the sea. I can’t help but imagine how it comforting it feels curling up here on a blustery day. Do you hear the roar of the ocean outside? (I do, or least I imagine it would feel as though the sea was near!). To create the mood of a fire, I would fill the faux fireplace or mantel with battery-operated candles so the light flickers around the room.

Ahhh, it’s a perfect fall mood. Sigh. Happy cozy fall decorating, friends!

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