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8 Antiques To Collect For Your Fall Decor

It’s fun to get some new seasonal decor once in a while, but my favorite seasonal decor is all of the antique finds I gather throughout the year on my antiquing trips to flea markets & antique shops. Antiques always add so much life, interest, & character to spaces more than any other kind of new decor can. From amber bottles to brass & copper items, to seasonal art, & beyond. I put together a small list of antiques I like to collect for my fall decor for you guys in case you wanted to add more antiques to your seasonal decor too. Here are 8 antiques to collect for your fall decor…

  • Amber Bottles: I am going to start with this one because it’s my favorite. There is just something about warm amber bottles with the deep rich color that just screams fall & makes any tablescape elevated & cozy for fall.
  • Transferware plates: This is a new collection for me. I love collecting transferware for different seasons in different color schemes. I have a collection of brown for fall & green for Christmas & beyond. Transferware is so fun to hunt for on every flea market visit.
  • Antique Taxidermy:This isn’t for everyone, but it is a favorite of mine. Maybe it’s because so much of what I do is inspired by nature & I am forever in awe of nature & God’s creations so displaying pieces in our home from antique shops is a favorite of mine. I keep my taxidermy in a cabinet, but I love bringing it more out during the fall months.
  • Bottles, Jars, Crocks, & glasses that fit your seasonal color scheme: The same as amber bottles, it’s fun to collect jars in your color scheme. Do you have pops of green? Blue? Or could some clear jars with gold lids be pretty stacked in a kitchen cabinet or used for holding seasonal stems? What about brass vases or cracked antique pottery? Hunt for vases, jars, crocks, glasses, & more & start a collection to make your seasonal decorating easy.

  • Vintage Thanksgiving Tableware: This one is fun & it’s been thrilling for me. A plate with a turkey on it or glasses with a pheasant print? Adding the vintage not only adds charm, but it can also be a conversation starter for you and your fall guests when you gather.
  • Antique seasonal art: This is one that I think is often forgotten. Let’s take the season to the walls or shelves. I often find framed prints of seasonal art which in fall could be a seasonal foliage scene, paintings of historic thanksgiving meals, turkeys, fall still life paintings, & more.

  • Antique handmade seasonal items: Greeting cards, Figurines, blow mold halloween items, handmade pumpkins out of various materials,& other kitchy or cozy cottage-core fall decor that can be found in the aisles of flea markets & antique shops.
  • Books: This is my go-to every season for antique decor to add to my looks in every space for texture, interest, & inspiration. I like finding books in different color schemes & themes that fit the seasonal style. I love getting inspired by wildlife books, cookbooks, & morello put on bookshelves, coffee tables, & in the kitchen to set the seasonal mood.

I hope this post inspires you & gets you excited for decorating for the seasons. xx