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Favorite Things Friday – Early Simple Fall Decor Tour, Pumpkin Scroll Stoppers, and Christmas?

Jose and I were driving yesterday and saw a sign, “Boo in 25 days!” Which had me realize there are some years that it feels like forever to get to those super fun & cozy holidays… I don’t think that is going to be this year. I don’t know about you, but for me, as soon as Halloween passes, I feel like you’re on that downward turn of a rollercoaster with the rest of the year; a hard drop to Thanksgiving a few moments of slow-down and feeling like you have it together, but those feelings quickly passing because Christmas Eve is knocking at your door… One of the points I tried to emphasize in my book, Cozy White Cottage Seasons, is that everyone experiences different seasons of their life, throughout their life. This year, we are in a season of projects, unfinished spaces, and slightly overwhelmed with design choices of our home, all elements that are momentarily pausing some of my more traditional fall decor looks. We have kept things very simple this year, and shared some early and simply fall decor looks we put together this year, and to better help answer all of the FAQ’s for resources, I am going to share the very best way to get those resources as fast as possible. Let’s look at our week here on the blog!

As a typical home owner who loves design and decor, I ebb and flow with my love and attention for nearly every space in our home My mudroom is definitely one of those spaces, that I have been working on slowly, and absolutely loving. Certain seasons look really good on the mudroom and fall and winter are those seasons. This moody mudroom was a lot of fun to put together, check out my post, “Halloween Crows – Cozy Cottage Halloween Decor” (link here).

There is no secret that Pumpkins are the face of the Fall Season. I love pumpkins so much and shared how to preserve your pumpkins in your decor (link here). For this week, with my love for all the different sizes, shapes, and colors of pumpkins that can give you so many different looks as anchors for a space, I shared 5 Cozy Pumpkin Scroll Stoppers (link), and I am sure you’ll find some very inspiring looks with pumpkins.

I absolutely love the earthy tones of design when it comes to fall decor and design. I also love finding ways to showcase some of my collections and passion for antiques and one of kind finds I have found over the years while at antique markets and vintage shops. This year I put together some of my favorite found & foraged items in a blog post, “Found and Foraged Fall Dinning Room – a Cozy Cottage Farmhouse Fall Space.” I think of my loves for this look is to capture, on a very small scale, how impactful Mother Nature and natural elements can have in a space. Click Here to see the entire space with sources.

A few online sources to achieve this look…

Looking for fall inspiration, let me take you to one of my favorite spaces to inspire design, my fireplace mantel. I shared in my blog post why I love using my mantel for season looks, and you can read it all in my post, “Pumpkin & Plant Fall Mantel,” (Link).Staying true to super simple and hitting some basic elements, I shared what I think you need to do with your design to really bring fall into your spaces.

How cute is that art? Here is a link to mine & a few others…

Some Fall Around The Farmhouse

Two Step Fall Decor DIY

15% off my Favorite Candles

My definition of cozy is my 5 senses being at peace at once. Smell being towards that top of those five senses. Little fun fact, I sneak in fall candles throughout the year, and shamelessly burn fall in multiple rooms during the fall season. So I am so happy to see that my favorite fall candles are 15% off over at Antique Candle Co (link here).

If you keep up with us here on social media, you may have noticed I have mentioned (a few times) it is just me over here trying to create the content, respond to the questions, and provide the resources. I am happy to share, a very quick way to get to those resources a little bit quicker (than waiting on me to respond). You can find nearly every resource that I share, from decor to fashion [here]. Here are some of the source photos I shared this week & I update this page daily [HERE]:

Follow my LTK source page [HERE]

Friday Finds

I hope you enjoyed this week here on the blog and the Friday Finds. There are a lot of deals going on now and coming up as we build in to the shopping season, so be on the look out for some gift guides and home decor steals. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day, it truly means the world to us here on the farm. Stay Cozy!

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