Art Decor

Cozy Neutral Halloween – handmade pottery ghosts

Today I had a few minutes between meetings & mumming to do something creative. These days my creativity has been in a bit of a rut because many of our big projects that were supposed to happen in 2022 got put on hold so we have felt like we are living in the “in-between’ while we wait for those to start. But this week I’ve made the decision to just do things that are in my control to make our home feel cozy in its current state. Today I was moving a large cabinet to paint behind it in the front living room. & in order to move it I had to take all of the books out of it. I decided to take the books & create a cozy neutral halloween decor look with my handmade pottery ghost collection…

This cabinet has just been sitting in our upstairs hallway collecting dust & not decorated because I was waiting to move it when we moved the staircase, but alas that did not happen this summer & walking past this empty cabinet every day has been kind of sad so I decided to change that today. I took some of the books from downstairs & my ghost pottery collection & created simple stacks in the cabinet for a super easy neutral halloween decor look. These handmade ghosts are from Mollie Jenkins Pottery that I’ve been collecting for a few years & they are probably some of my favorite fall decor for many reasons. They are so cute, well made, & I love that each one is unique & handmade by an artist that I love.

Of course I added some battery operated candles in the ghosts for a cozy glow. On top of the cabinet I put my diy ghost leaves I made a few weeks back [HERE] for some extra cute ghosts in the look. I felt so happy doing something creative today even if it was small, & now it makes me so happy every time I walk by this little cabinet.

I’ve been sharing a lot about the delayed home projects & more encouragement through these home renovations over on my Instagram. I hope that I can show you that you can do what you can in the moment to make your home cozy. Maybe you are waiting for a builder, a bigger budget, some time to do the projects… do what you can in the moment with the time, money, & talent you have now. Paint a wall, organize some cabinets, replace a rug, get a slipcover, reduce the items in your home, repurpose something you already have. I hope you loved this cozy neutral halloween look & the encouragement today. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today & every single day to see what we are up to. xx