5 Fall Maintenance Tasks To Complete Before the Colder Days Ahead

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The Fall Equinox marks the end of summer – but it also kicks off the season of blankets, herbal teas, candles, Halloween, and cosy nights in. 

But before you can kick back and relax, there are a few home maintenance tasks you’ll need to dedicate time to before the colder days of winter make it too difficult to work outside or deal with air leaks. 

In this guide, you’ll find your essential fall maintenance checklist – but don’t forget to take a hard look at your home and go the extra mile! After all, this is your last chance to beautify your front yard or give a fresh look to your front door!

Start by Inspecting Your Roof and Gutters

There are several maintenance tasks that can help you protect your property, including checking the smoke alarm, keeping up with regular inspections of your electrical outlets, and checking for structural issues. 

However, when securing your home before the winter comes, you should not overlook the importance of inspecting your roof and gutters. Ideally, you should ensure that the shingles are intact and the gutters are free of dangerous blockages. If they are, make sure to clean them – or replace them! – as needed!

Get Your Outside Area Ready for Winter

Over the past years, our gardens have become a lifeline. And, you have spent many summer afternoons enjoying the sunshine on your lawn, you are certainly not alone! However, now that the cold season is quickly approaching, it is time to get your garden ready for winter. You can do so in just a few simple steps by completing this fall garden maintenance checklist

  • Clean the beds and prevent the spreading of diseases and pests by removing plant debris
  • Clean and store away your gardening tools and utensils, including stakes, labels, and mowers
  • Add compost to your plants and protect your most delicate species with cover crops
  • Look after your perennial garden
  • Clean containers and get them ready for spring

Get Your Drains Cleaned and Prevent External Faucets From Freezing

Both your internal and external plumbing system needs to be assessed before the winter comes. Indeed, your external faucets can freeze if there are leaks or if they have not been properly drained. Additionally, you should get your drain cleaned by a professional on a regular basis to avoid having to deal with severe blockages and damages over time. 

Inspect Your HVAC System and Get Ready To Turn Up the Heat

Your HVAC system plays an essential role in determining how comfortable and livable your home will be during the fall and winter months. 

Now that the temperatures have started to drop, it is the best time to check up on your HVAC system and ensure that it is properly functioning, clean, and efficient. This can get you ready to turn up the heat when needed without running into obstacles and unnecessary setbacks. 

Invest in Insulation and Seal All Drafts

According to EPA statistics reported by EnergyStar, 55% of the energy consumed in US homes is for heating and cooling. And, by improving their insulation systems, homeowners can save up to 15%on heating and cooling costs, which translates to an 11% saving on total energy costs. 

So, now that winter is just around the corner, you should consider inspecting your home for drafts and air leaks, and take advantage of government programs to install insulation systems in your home. 

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