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Where to Find Comfy and Pretty Swivel Chairs

Where to find upholstered swivel chairs for the living room.

Our two round swivel chairs in the family room are two of my favorite furniture finds ever! I love the look and they are incredibly comfy. 

Barrel chairs like these are so versatile — they’re great for conversation and entertaining. Our two swivel seats can be turned around so our guests can join conversations in the living room or the kitchen: 

And what’s better than being able to spin around in your chair?? Nothing. 

Last Christmas we moved them over in front of the windows on either side of our giant tree: 

12 foot Christmas tree

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We loved that layout so much, we’ve kept it like that (well, without the tree) all year. 

The fabric is a polyester and has held up beautifully! Stains come out easily and our new kitten has been scratching away on them and there is no wear or tear:

rounded swivel chair

We love them, so I’m not surprised I get asked about them so often. The top two questions I get from readers are, what is that color on your fireplace?: 

(It’s called Cyberspace from Sherwin-Williams.)

And the second question…where did you find the two swivel chairs? 

I found them at HomeGoods years ago, which is great for me because the price was GREAT. Unfortunately I know that can be frustrating for everyone looking for a similar chair. It’s hard to find the same item twice at HomeGoods!

I finally did some digging around underneath the chairs the other day and found out they are from Stone and Leigh and this specific chair is called the Gayle

Our chairs are about 30 inches high, 35 wide and 35 deep. I LOVE them. 

Stone and Leigh Gayle chair

If you search that name, there are a few of them around here and there online, but not a ton. 

So I found some similar options to share with you that have a similar look! 

It can be hard to pick out furniture online — the two things I always look for are the depth and width of the chair. I like a deeper seat because I find they’re more comfortable. You can pull your legs up and get comfy. 

And the width is important so you and your guests don’t feel like they’re being squished. 🙂

Keep in mind you will want to be able to actually swivel these, so you’ll need a little more space around them than what you need for other chairs. 

blue swivel chair rounded

It comes in three colors but this Indigo is super close to our blue chairs. It has that same rounded back that we have as well. 

This cute swivel option from Amazon has a slipcovered look (it is removable but I’m not sure it’s machine washable): 
boucle modern swivel chair
And finally, another World Market option that looks SO comfy. This one is feather filled, the deepest seat I found and has great reviews: 
light cream swivel chair

It has a slightly more traditional look, but would fit in beautifully just about anywhere! 

If you’ve been searching for the perfect swivel chair that isn’t crazy expensive, I hope these options will help you out! They are great options for cozy seating and work well in so many spaces.