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My Favorite Reasonably-Priced Bamboo Shades For Windows

When we lived in our condo, I found some amazing reasonably-priced bamboo shades at Home Depot. They could customize the width for me, and I also found that I could do it myself using my miter saw. After all, they were wood shades. Those bamboo shades became my go-to shades of choice on all of the windows in the condo (all four of them 😀 ), and I also used them when we moved into our house. Any time someone I knew was looking for bamboo shades, I’d recommend them. When I was decorating other people’s homes, I would use these shades. I mean, that’s how much I loved them.

And then Home Depot stopped carrying them. Lowe’s had other bamboo shades, but they didn’t have anything like my favorite ones. I searched and searched online, and never could find any that were exactly like my favorites. I found similar ones, but I was always disappointed with them.

As I’ve been working my way through the rooms of our house, I had one remaining shade from the condo that would work on a window in the house, and that’s the window in the pantry. But after I used that one, and found that the other three that I had didn’t fit any of the windows in our house, I never could find more of those shades.

Well, guess what I found! Yes, that’s right. I found a source for my favorite reasonably-priced bamboo shades!! I found them right here on Amazon. (It’s a small store called Mood Store that sells on Amazon.)

I ordered one for the bathroom window on September 8, and it arrived yesterday (September 19). They customized the width and the length to fit my window based on the measurements I sent to them, so it’s perfect!

And it only cost $90. I was so excited when I unpackaged it yesterday and saw just how perfect it was! The quality is great, and while this shade isn’t lined, the bamboo pieces are placed close enough together so that it offers semi-privacy. It’s not quite the privacy that you’ll get from a shade lined with blackout lining (like all of our other shades are), but it does offer a good amount of privacy.

And I think the price is great considering that they’ll customize the length and width. I got the cordless shade in the color Rustic Walnut.

These shades are so incredibly easy to install. Once I got everything unpackaged, I think this shade took me all of 10 minutes to install, if that. (But I do have plenty of experience installing these, so that helps also.)

The shades are mounted on this wood rail that has a slot on each end…

And this is what the hardware looks like. They provide one of these brackets for each slot. My shade had two slots, so it came with two brackets. (I have seen shades that are so wide that they require a slot and a bracket in the middle as well.)

Once the bracket is installed, the threaded post on the bracket slides into the slot.

And then it’s secured on the other side with a washer and wingnut.

So I took a quick measurement to determine where I wanted my shade. I like my shades to be pulled forward so that they’re closer to the room side of the window jambs rather than being shoved further back against the window. So I measured, marked, and screwed the two brackets into place…

(Please kindly overlook my dust-covered windows. 😀 ) And then I held the shade up with one hand, making sure that the posts were through the slots, and screwed the wingnuts into place with the other hand.

It’s so quick and easy! And I’m so excited that I have found a source for these shades again.

I love the shades that we have in the rest of our house, but those shades are lined with blackout lining, and they’re also top down/bottom up shades. In other words, the price of one of those shades is about three times the price of my favorite reasonably-priced shades.

I love having shades lined with white blackout lining on the windows facing the street. And I also love the top down/bottom up feature for certain rooms. I can’t imagine not having that feature in our bedroom.

But for windows that don’t face the street, I’m not really concerned with having lined shades. And for our bathroom, I also don’t need the top down/bottom up feature. So this room was a perfect candidate for the more reasonably-priced shade.

I decided to go this direction after getting all of the wood pieces finished. I love the dark walnut wood, but everything felt very weighty and bottom-heavy on this wall. I decided that I needed something to bring some of that rich wood color up into the top half of the wall, and a bamboo window shade was the perfect solution.

Anyway, if you’re looking for reasonably-priced bamboo shades that are beautiful and a good quality, and you don’t need all the fancy add-ons and features, I highly suggest these shades! You can find them here at the Mood Store on Amazon, and the ones I bought are the Rustic Walnut color. After measuring my window, I purchased the size that was the closest fit, and then I sent an email to their customer service (which I found in the Q&A section on the listing) with my exact window measurements (making sure to impress upon them that those were the exact measurements with no deductions) and asked them to customize the size to fit. It fit perfectly!