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Sneak Peek of My Sister’s Lakefront Porch

Did that get your attention?!

I figured it would. Today, I’m sharing a fun product launch with you with one of my blog friends and my sister, Renee, happens to be a part of this too since I passed on a rug to her. She needs more rugs than I do, so I thought I’d help her out.

I first met Sara online a few years ago, on Instagram. Sara with Simply Southern Cottage is very well known now on Instagram and social media and when I met her she had 28K followers on there (I don’t know why I remember that?!). Now she has 177K followers, so you can see she’s blown up quite a bit since I first came across her back in 2018, I think. Anyway, Sara is a super talented gal and I have met her in person a couple of times. She has risen to stardom in the online world and is super popular in the home decor community of influencers. Sara is a busy gal and her world is constantly moving and evolving. She works way harder than I ever want to work in this online gig, but she deserves all the stardom that’s coming her way. She’s as sweet as she is pretty and she’s a Christian sister too.

{Tracy with Plaid & Poppies, me, and Sara in 2019, Atlanta} Both of these gals are super sweet and authentic.

Sara recently partnered with Orian rugs with her own rug designs and I’m so very proud for her. She deserves all the success that is coming her way. She asked a group of us to help her with her rug launch and I was happy to help out. We each got to choose a rug from her new collection and since I am not in need of a new rug right now, I passed the rug to my sister who is still getting settled in their new lakefront home. So today you get a sneak peek of her porch with the new rug.

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Sara’s rug collection with Orian has a lot of different styles and they are now for sale on Amazon. This one is called the LeCompte in a 9×12. The good news is that Orian is offering 20% off if you preorder any of Sara’s rugs before the official launch date of September 30th. The prices you see on Amazon are reflecting the discount price until the launch date. She has many beautiful styles and designs of rugs, so please take a look at this page to see all the Simply Southern Cottage rugs from Sara, as well as the colorways that are offered.

Sara named all the rugs with catchy names that mean something to her. She’s from Minden, LA and was recently one of the hosts for her city on the HGTV show which featured that small town as part of the Home Town Kickstart series of renovations. The girl is a whirlwind and is into a lot of things right now!

Sara also has a private Facebook group she’s putting together for all who purchase her rugs. She will be doing some lives and talking more about her life and products on there.

You get to see a preview of my sister’s house, the back porch at least. I’m so excited to be headed back to Covington after we get back from the beach. My sister and brother-in-law, Bruce are coming home for a week after we get back, to get all their stuff that’s been in storage here, as well as more outdoor furniture that she and I collected from Facebook marketplace (that’s been in our basement for months) that’s going on their porches eventually. I’m going to ride back with her while Bruce drives the big truck and stay with them a week to help her get more things done at her house. They are really enjoying their new house and as you can see from these views, it’s looking gorgeous. They got sod installed, the pool finished and they are loving it. I can’t wait to see it all finished finally! I’ll stay for a week and fly home.

So I was happy to be able to pass this rug to her. She’s into neutrals a lot right now and this rug will eventually go in her bedroom under the bed, but for this we decided to style it on the porch. She unrolled it and it still has wrinkles, but those will eventually fall out. The rug is so pretty and textured and I love the 2 tones of beige and cream.

The Boucle collection, Sara said is suitable for indoors or outdoors. Most of the two toned rugs are in that collection, I think.

I’m loving how her porch is looking and this is the only section that’s finished for now for seating. You can see behind the sofa is a dining room table for dining outdoors. They have lots of plans for this back porch. They decided not to screen it in, but to leave it open and eventually she wants to stain or paint a diamond pattern on the floor. You can see a peek at the new pool too.

I can’t wait to visit and sit out here. She’s got plenty of furniture to go on the other areas of her porches too. They have an upstairs porch off the bonus room above this section.

And the fireplace is right outside their master bedroom, so there will be more seating there eventually. She’s got a lot of furniture to get cushions for and decide where it will all go so I hope to help her with some of that.

She got this sofa and two chairs off Facebook Marketplace down there and it looks great here. She has tried to shop wisely since getting in the house, as there is more she wants to do down the road to finish things off, but with any new build or new house, it takes time to get there. The rug will be a wonderful addition to their new bedroom. She’s got some colorful rugs that will probably be outside and she will add color here in accessories and pillows, but the neutral look is great with this rug.

I can’t wait to visit and be able to finally take pics to share with you all. So that should happen when I get back in mid-October. They are really enjoying the lake and their new home so much and I’m so thrilled for them that they are in their dream home. It was quite the journey to get here and we are glad they are finally in their new house!

Don’t forget to check out Sara’s new rug collection (and get 20% off with pre-order, it’s already reflected in the prices) with Orian and see what she has that might fit your space. I can tell you that Sara has been sharing the rugs on her Instagram page and they look so much better in videos and pictures than on the website. There are some beautiful rugs. I really love the Bistineau, named for a lake in LA, I think. It’s a beautiful deep navy with some accent colors and it looked so pretty when Sara shared it from her photoshoot.You can see those pics when you open each rug. Be sure and look at the styled rooms of rugs to get a better idea of how they look. Happy shopping!

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