6 Essential Steps to Protect Your Home from the Chill

You want your home to be welcoming and inviting throughout the year, whether for friends or you and your family after getting home from work or school. During the spring and the summer, this is easy enough, but it can be more of a challenge once the temperature drops. 

There are few things worse than coming into a home where you can still see your breath even when you’re inside. So, how can you prepare and protect your home from the winter chill? If you’re unsure, here are six essential steps to follow. 

Check Your Heating System 

Your heating system will be the most crucial element of your home once the temperatures drop. But, you don’t want to activate it on the first day of winter only to find it doesn’t work. Before the chill truly arrives, take some time to check the heating system and make sure everything works. 

You should activate it and check all the air vents around your home. If it doesn’t feel adequate, check the unit for any blockages. You may need to remove and clean or replace the filter and it may be worth getting it serviced now rather than wait for a later date, as repair companies may be fully booked. 

Trim Back Overhanging Branches 

You may not spend much time in your yard over the winter, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still have an impact on your property. If you have large trees with overhanging branches, you must trim these back to make sure they don’t interfere with your house. 

Storms and other types of bad weather could damage the trees in your yard, and whipping winds might blow them into your windows, while any remaining leaves could clog the gutters. When the water freezes, it will get too heavy and tear from the wall, causing significant damage to your property. 

Fortify Windows And Doors 

Speaking of broken branches, you can also take some time to fortify your windows and doors. Doing this now will prevent damage that could encourage the chill to creep in, as the temporary replacement may not be fully insulated. 

If you’ve been planning on upgrading your windows and doors for a while, now might be the best time. You can find a range of energy efficient home windows that also trap the heat in your house, meaning the property will stay warm for longer, even after you switch the central heating off to save money. 

Plug The Gaps 

There may also be indistinguishable gaps around the house that make the home chilly even if you are certain you’ve closed all the windows and doors. These gaps won’t just cause a chill, either. They can also make your home appeal to critters, bugs, and insects who want to find refuge for the winter. 

Thankfully, you don’t need to do much about these gaps right now, as there isn’t a lot that a company can do to fix them. Still, using bunched-up newspaper or covering the gaps with wood or similar materials can all keep the chill and any curious animals out of your home. 

Identify Shut-Off Valves 

Frozen pipes are a significant problem during winter. People leave their water running and fail to drain the pipe properly, which means that standing water remains. When the temperatures drop, this water freezes and bursts the pipes, causing significant water damage. 

You may not notice when this happens at first, but you’ll eventually find puddles, damp walls, or rotting floorboards around your home. Knowing where your main water shut-off is can prevent further damage while you wait for a contractor to come over and inspect the scope of the problem. 

Embrace A Winter Wardrobe 

If you want to keep your winter energy costs low, embracing a winter wardrobe is a great way to save some money even if the temperatures drop below zero. Investing in plenty of fluffy cardigans, sweaters, and even a hot water bottle will be a lifesaver when huddled on the sofa waiting for spring. 

Your winter wardrobe will also make it easier to work from home and prevent illness throughout your home. What’s more, no one can suggest that winter chic is a bad look, so you’ll look good even if you’re still a little chilly underneath. 

Chilled Out 

Even if it feels like plummeting temperatures are some time away, you’ll thank yourself that you got ahead of the problem. While other people are busy wrapping themselves in blankets while trimming back branches or desperately searching for the last water bottle in town, you can embrace the cozy comforts of your home throughout the colder months. 

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