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5 Ways To Add The Fall Feeling To Your Home: Our Cozy Fall Mudroom Entryway

If it hasn’t showed yet, I am excited for fall. It’s not just the decor, it’s the feeling! When some people think of fall decor they think of garlands & faux pumpkins, but it doesn’t need to be excessive amounts of fall decor. It can be subtle changes that you make as you usher in the new season that make walking into your home feel like a big warm hug. Here are just a few ways you can get that fall feeling in your home using our cozy cottage farmhouse fall entryway as an example…

1- Add texture- Texture should be used all year long for cozy, but season to season those textures can change. For fall think heavier textures like wool, dark woods, warm metals & colors, lots of natural seasonal items, & a bigger variety of textures to amp up that cozy factor. Wreaths, blankets, art, furniture, rugs, pillows, antique pieces, baskets, pots/vases, & the list goes on. I added this gorgeous wreath from Terrain [HERE] that is currently on sale for less than $40 & I’m in love with it.

2- Smell- The first thing I always notice about our home when I open the door is THE SMELL. Sometimes it’s good.. sometimes it’s not what I love. I mean, we live on a farm, with pets, & a baby. It happens. But this is so important to creating a cozy fall mood. Do you like essential oils? candles? room diffusers? Potpourri? simmer pots? Everyone has different preferences, but this is a great way you can set the fall mood in your home!

3- Bring in nature- Fall has some amazing outdoor elements. Pumpkins, branches, acorns, leaves, pinecones, gourds, & other elements you can find on a relaxing nature walk. I love bringing the outdoors in for every season, but there is something about fall that is extra special. The best part? If you live somewhere where these things can be found in your yard, it’s free fall decor. Bringing in natural elements is the BEST way to set the fall mood. I brought in this oak leaf wreath that brings in nature while bringing in a ton of texture too.  It can be subtle like one pumpkin or one branch in a jar. It doesn’t need to be elaborate or cost a lot of money.

4- Have your everyday fall items out. Blankets, jackets, boots, bags, brooms, rakes, & any other element you use inside or outside. Of course you don’t want it to be cluttered or leave everything out, but just those subtle reminders like a flannel jacket hanging on a hook or a wool blanket draped on a bench can be the best way to set the fall mood in your home.

5- Add a cozy glow- This is the start of the season of the “glow”. Yes, the glow is cozy all year, but starting when the weather gets crisp… we crave it more! What is the glow? A burning candle, a lamp, a wall sconce, a crackling fireplace, a battery candle in a jack-o-lantern, & so on. Adding a cozy glow anywhere in your home instantly gives you the feeling of fall. I can’t explain it, but it’s true!

I hope this inspires you to bring the fall feeling into your home & reminds you that it’s not about all the literal fall decor or having to buy new pieces, fall is a feeling that you can add using items you already own. It’s just a recipe of how to combine them & how to display them that brings in the fall feeling that we all crave. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today & every single day to see what we are up to. xx