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Fun & Spook Craft for your Art

With most kiddos back in school now, we all are getting the “secondary” school supply list. We all exhale when we cross the school supply list, but we also know that after a week or two in school, the secondary list of what the kids need in addition to, or more of starts coming in. I wrote a post a few weeks ago about how I like to take advantage of the school supply deals, even though Copey is not school age yet, we take advantage of replenishing our craft cupboard. I wanted to take another moment let you know that there are still great school supply deals going on, so don’t feel like you missed your shot at saving some dollars, because even some deals are better (down to .15 cents better) than a few weeks ago. Before we get into the savings, take a look at our latest little family craft and how it turned out!

Everyone knows my love for silhouettes, and during one of my fall picking adventures I came across some spooky silhouettes with craft paper witch hats, that I just thought were so cute and simple. Given its that time of year again, I wanted to carry on the spooky little DIY, to a painting that we had floating around the house (no spooky pun intended). Some of the items I used with Copey for this little craft were items we picked up earlier this year from Walmart. We have been diving into the the craft cupboard a lot already, and I am so happy its filled with everything we may need, because let’s be honest, 3 year old crafters are not very efficient went it comes to waste. Here are some serious deals going on right now.

I hope this little DIY shows how important it is to have your craft cupboard ready to make memories while also showing how super simple we can keep our crafts. Copey had so much fun just cutting paper, I forget how we can make such a fun project from the easiest DIY. Attaching the the paining can be done with a little bead of tape or putty on the frame. Let me know what you think, and I hope this just another fun project for the spooky season. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day, I means the world to us here on the farm.