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5 Eclectic Gallery Wall Scroll Stoppers

Each week I go through all of my saves on Instagram to share some of them with you in hopes that they inspire you like they did for me & also give you new creatives to follow to stop you in your scroll. This week I noticed I had saved a lot of gallery walls & so I gathered up 5 of them that I love & I hope they inspire you in some way as well..

Starting off strong with this image from muted_and_moody & oh my the whole image is inspiring, but that plate gallery wall is something I could study for days. I love the eclectic layout so much!

This is a stairway gallery wall of EPIC proportions. But inspiring in every way. The layout, the scale of the art & frames, & the contrast of the stairs and railings is nice too! Of course this may be a lot for everyone, but the layout & collection can be inspiring and executed for your personal preferences. I’m so glad I scrolled by this image that themaximalistdreamer shared!!

I love the sophisticated traditional look of this collected gallery wall from noelpittmandesign. The mix of brass, black, art, & patterns is just so easy on the eyes & yet it tells an intricate story that I want to know more about. Love it all!

This eclectic gallery wall above the mantel from number131 inspired me so much! I love the idea of hanging an eclectic bunch of art above the mantel instead of just one large piece. So cozy! Such a great focal point for any room.

I love this idea of a bedside gallery wall with small antique frames & an eclectic collection that alice.sergeant shared. I love scrolling past images like that that give me ideas on things to look for the next time I visit the antique shop.

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