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DIY Painted Fall Leaves – Halloween Ghost & Bat Leaves

Over the weekend we did such a fun project here on the farm for halloween & I wanted to share it with you guys. These days it’s getting a little more challenging to keep Cope busy as a three year old & to hold his attention. So I have to get creative & do projects with short little parts that add up to a fun & creative craft. This weekend we did a little foraging for leaves around the farm & then after we collected a bunch, we painted fall leaves into halloween ghosts & bat leaves. Here is a glimpse if you are looking for a cute fall craft for you or the kids in your life…

I love this craft because it’s so easy & fun for everyone. Every time you create a new face it’s so fun to see how cute they turn out & laugh at how they look so different. It really is simple & all you need to do is go & find some leaves, grab some white & black paint, & some paint brushes. For the ghosts it’s a white background & really 3 simple circles. For the bats it’s really 4 white triangles on a  black background & some black eyes. So fun to play around with placement on different leaves to make them all individualistic.



You can hang the leaves in a garland on a string, frame them, or even use glue dots to hang them in a collage somewhere. To be quite honest with you, I lost Cope after the foraging part & he wanted to cut paper instead of paint & that was ok because we were still crafting together & he LOVED seeing the faces come to life. The giggles were so worth it. The obsession with cutting paper is real right now… more crafts to come maybe with some cutting next time. Thank you for stopping by the blog today & every single day to see what we are up to. xx