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And The Winner For Our Bathroom Quartz Countertops Is…

Vicostone Elysian.

I read every single one of your comments on yesterday’s post (including Facebook comments), and I was surprised at how many of you preferred Elysian. And while I didn’t actually tally up the votes, I’m pretty sure Elysian was the crowd favorite.

I chose this one for the exact reason so many of you mentioned. The others looked too much like I was trying to match the floor and missed. This light gray looks like an intentional design choice that was made to coordinate while not intending to match.

And I love how it looks with the walnut wood of the vanities and storage cabinet.

I forgot to add pictures of the samples with the sink in yesterday’s post, so here’s a view of the Elysian with the sink, which has a soft matte white finish. The Elysian was definitely my favorite with the sink.

A couple of you mentioned the backsplash tile. I personally love it, but I’m not married to it. Quite honestly, if I were to find something else that I love in the next few days, I wouldn’t have any problem changing course on that decision. But I do love this glass tile. The Elysian was my favorite with the glass tile because I really like the contrast, and I love the white glass tile with the other white features in the room, like the bathtub (which is very central in the room), the shower tiles, etc.

Here’s the funny thing. I had never heard of the brand name Vicostone before, so when this light gray Vicostone Elysian turned out to be my quartz of choice, I thought, “Oh good! That means it’ll probably cost less than the other brands with names that I know!

Well, I think I may have chosen the most expensive one. I don’t know that for sure yet. They’re supposed to get back with me today with pricing. But I did find it listed on this PDF as a Level 9 quartz. Yikes! I’m hoping for better news from the local place, but I’m bracing for a ridiculously high price tag.