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5 Cozy Stripe Scroll Stoppers

As I was resting this weekend after our busy market all last week I found myself scrolling & looking for some inspiration & honestly just looking to turn my brain off. Well, I was scrolling & one thing kept coming up. I probably could have chosen 15 cozy stripe scroll stoppers, but I chose 5 super unique ones that I hope inspire you as well & help you find new accounts to stop you in your scroll. Here are 5 cozy stripe scroll stoppers..

This stripe bedding & pillow that @paintmewhite shared is so lovely & is so relaxing with the simple stripe pattern in naturals. This is my kind of bedroom!

A striped sofa? Yes, you are seeing that correctly. JUST WOW. I love this statement piece & I know that if I walked into this room I would instantly be drawn to this cozy sofa & want to sit here for hours chatting over coffee. Something about the stripes & bold color makes it so welcoming. I’m grateful I saw this post from tikkie_elsoe while scrolling the gram.

A cupboard full of stripe fabric among many other lovely fabrics. Now this is cozy! So glad I stumbled upon this inspiring image from nicolefabredesigns! I hope it inspires you too.

Pattern on Pattern! Love it! I also love that the stripe in the wood work runs into the stripe daybed fabric. So charming.. all of it! You can see more of this house shared by @restylesource it is one to see for sure!

Stripe shower tiles? YES PLEASE. Not sure I will ever have this here on white cottage farm, but I love how unique this is & find the whole thing so inspiring. I think I stared at this image thenookinteriordesign shared for over 10 minutes studying all the fine details. Hope you find it inspiring as well!

Let’s end on that note even though like I said, I could keep posting stripes for days. I think I’m drawn to them by the looks of all my saves on Instagram. You can follow me for daily inspiration on Instagram [HERE] @LizMarieGalvan. I hope this post inspires you & you find new people to stop you in your scroll! See you next week Tuesday for more scroll stoppers!