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DIY Terracotta Pumpkin Tutorial

Recently I did a haul of terracotta pumpkins that I bought from Pottery Barn [HERE]. I LOVE them & they are so well made & I have no regrets of buying them. The con to them? They are pricey! Although it was one thing I wanted to add to our seasonal decor this year, I know it’s not in everyone’s seasonal decor budget though so I wanted to make some DIY ones to show how you can achieve a similar look for less. Here is how I made some DIY terracotta pumpkins that you can do to just about any faux pumpkin you find no matter what material it is…

At the flea market this past weekend I found a cement/clay/ceramic pumpkin that I loved the look of, but I didn’t love the color so I knew right away it was one that I wanted to do this DIY to. It’s so easy! All you need is some paint, spray sealer [or spray paint], & some flour. Here is a little step by step on how to do it:

-Paint your pumpkin a terracotta color that you love. I actually went with a darker color than the PB ones & I love the aged look I like. I displayed the colors I got below for reference, but I mainly used the terracotta color. The paint color I used was Terra Cotta by Craft Smart (link).

Other possible Paint Colors: 452 Raw Sienna, 2559 Coffee Latte, 917 Yellow Ochre, 953 Camel, 942 Honeycomb

-Let the paint dry & gather up some flour…

-spray the pumpkin with a sealer or spray paint. KEY: Before it dries you want to throw the flour on the pumpkin & rub it in. You keep rubbing the flour until it blends into the cracks.

-Rub the flour in getting it into all the crevices/cracks

-Optional: you can seal yours, but I did not seal mine. Once the flour is rubbed in it’s honestly in there to stay.

I love that this project can take a $5 pumpkin & make it look like a pottery Barn find. You can also use this technique on so many different things from lamps, jars, vases, & so much more. Get creative & try it. Let me know if you do & what you think of it!!