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The Found Cottage Mercantile Market 2021 & 2022 – It’s Market Week!

Hi friends! Have I seemed absent or scatter brained lately? Well, I can’t tell you that I’m not always like this, but there is a small reason that it may be showing more right now…. IT IS MARKET WEEK!! We have been super busy planning, prepping, & working on our market for our store, The Found Cottage, that we throw every year on the friday & Saturday of Labor Day weekend, The Found Cottage Mercantile. We are SO EXCITED for this market as it only comes once a year, but oh my it takes a lot of my time and energy as we get up to the big event. 150+ amazing vendors from around the country gather in Holland, Michigan at the Ottawa County fairgrounds for two days only to bring the best antique, vintage, handmade, food, boutique items, & more. It’s seriously the most beautiful & inspiring market. Rain or shine [sometimes the best shopping is done in the rain…] you do not want to miss this once a year market experience because it truly is like no other market you have been to. There is something so special about the curated vendors, the location, & the guests that is special & if you are local or within traveling distance you won’t regret coming no matter the weather, distance, or time. Here are some photos from the 2021 market & of course some thoughts & info on our 2022 market coming up this weekend for those who want to come & those who want to say a prayer for us…

The market is always the friday & Saturday of Labor Day weekend each year which this year falls on September 2 & 3. We have 150 vendors from around the country who work hard all year on collecting, making, & planning so you just showing up to the market & browsing shows so much support to them for all of their hard work & effort & we are so thankful each year for the amazing turn out of people & I truly wish you could see every single happy dance each vendor does when they make a sale. YOU ARE MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE!!! These small businesses work so hard & it’s amazing for us as the market team to see these dreams happening in front of our eyes. Thank you for showing up no matter what the weather is as that is something no one can control & it doesn’t make the work go  wasted.

That being said I am equally nervous & excited for this weekend. I have severe anxiety/social anxiety so this takes a lot out of me, BUT I LOVE DOING IT… does that make sense? I’ll just need a few days to recover after the market. If you see me come say hi! Also, I will have all three of my books for sale in our Found Cottage Merch tent located under the grand stands along with free signed book plates to place in your existing books so stop by to pick one or two up! They also make great gift ideas.

You can get more info & tickets [HERE] for this weekends market, but you can also get them at the gate! I also just want to say thank you for all the support from near and far on all of our creative adventures from the shop to the market to our books to our blog & beyond… SO THANKFUL for this community & I hope that shows daily. I hope to see a lot of you at the market this weekend!!! xx