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Splurge & Save – Cozy Cottage Farmhouse Outdoor Lighting

Last night on Instagram I gave a sneak peek of our new outdoor lighting [HERE] & I wanted to share a little more on the blog with links since this was a “splurge & save” moment in real life where I saved a lot of money! I had been hunting for outdoor wall sconces for our farmhouse for the longest time & every light I loved was way too much when I would multiply it by 17 lights because that’s how many we needed to make our porch, back patio, pool area, garage, & more have a seamless look. Here are some of the lights I loved, but as you can see the price was a little higher [I am sure worth it], but just out of our budget, but super inspirational none the less…

You can see all of the lights above [HERE] or by clicking the photos below:

After hunting & hunting I searched Amazon one day & found beautiful lights that were large enough to fit the scale that I wanted. I of course could find smaller lights that were more affordable, but I wanted lights that were at least 22″ or taller & that’s what I found…

You can see these two lights including the one that I bought [the save!] below [HERE] & below:

Here is a look at the lights on the pool patio. I will be back as we hang more, but oh my I love these lights from amazon. No regrets! I gathered up more outdoor lighting on Amazon below if you were looking for some for your home too:

You can see all of the lights above & many more in my storefront [HERE] along with many other home decor & lifestyle items I have curated for you. I hope this post is helpful for anyone else who has been struggling & on the hunt for some lower priced wall sconces. Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by the blog today & every single day to see what we are up to! xx