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DIY Rustic Fall Wreath

A few weeks ago I shared a DIY pumpkin vase fall floral arrangement [HERE] & I was inspired by that arrangement to make a wreath & I made a super easy one this weekend I was super excited to share with you. So let’s continue our cozy fall decor this year & I hope this wreath inspires you…

This wreath was SO EASY to make. It only took two items [a third item is optional]. Of course as with everything you can customize this to fit your seasonal decor with the fall foliage you use, the colors, the size, & more. All I used to make this wreath was a woven vine wreath [HERE], some fall branches [HERE], & if you want you can use floral wire to secure things even more. All I did was was weave my fall branches into the vines & wrap the stem [stems with floral wire in them work best or you can use your own floral wire] around the vines a few times to secure. I love play with the shape of putting all the fall foliage around the wreath or just to the side, you can totally customize it to your own preferences. I think this one was extra simple for me because I chose branches that had multiple seasonal elements on them like pumpkins, leaves, & berries so I had to use less branches for fullness & in turn do less work for a pretty look.

I love this wreath on it’s own & I will be using it for Christmas & winter looks, but for this fall look I wanted to add some cozy fall foliage. That’s what I love about this wreath is that you can stick the branches in the tight woven parts & bend the branches around the woven vines to temporarily attach them to the wreath. I love this because I can keep re-using the wreath base over and over through the seasons. Well worth the investment in this beautiful well made wreath. I of course used a backdrop of my antique terracotta collection. I love the rustic garden feel of the wreath mixed with the terracotta. I also added in some battery powered votives for an added glow. You can find them [HERE]. 

I selected some grape vine wreaths & fall branches below for some inspiration for you to make your own: