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Pool Shed Progress – FAQ’s Answered

I’ve been talking a lot lately about how it’s been 6 years since we have moved to white cottage farm & just how there has been a long pause on major projects after having so much hope that 2022 was our year for big things to start. The year isn’t over yet, but we have run into a few hiccups that have put a delay on a lot. BUT we have made a lot of progress on many things [not finished them] but progress none the less so let’s start celebrating that more. I’m a glass half full kind of gal so I’m going to prioritize progress over perfection & progress over “done”. Want to do that with me? One big thing we did this year is move our she-shed that was used as our office prior to the pool area & now it has been dubbed the “pool shed” We needed pool storage badly for chemicals, tools, toys, & more. BUT you know me, I had to make it cozy so I shared on a reel yesterday a little more of the ‘before’, ‘during’, & ‘progress’ if you want to watch that, but let’s chat about some of the details & answer some questions you had on the reel… 

What flooring did you use? 

I LOVE this flooring! Honestly randomly one night we went into Home Depot & I selected one of the ones they had in stock because I’m not patient. Thankfully the shed is small so we didn’t need a lot, but we went with: LifeProof Shenandoah oak [HERE] 

I liked that the color was warm yet not too orange or yellow. It was one of the best options that Home Depot offered in stock for a price point below $4.

What color are the walls? 

The walls & ceiling are Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace in satin for both.

What did it look like before? 

You can see the she-shed [HERE] when we first got it. It had a few uses in the time since 2019 from office & more. The shed is from TuffShed & you can see more details in this post as well [HERE].

Where is the furniture from? 

All of the current furniture in the pool shed is antique pieces I have been collecting for a while. All the pieces are very useful for pretty storage & more. I will be sharing more builds & makeovers on these pieces and more soon. 

Where is the light from? 

The light is also an antique find from a local shop that was closing so I got a killer deal on it. 

What did you use to paint? 

We used a HomeRight paint sprayer that we put in the “diy” section of our storefront [HERE].

You can head to the link above to see more We will do an entire review soon with all the pros & cons, but for now it was a good sprayer with no big complaints at all. & trust me… we have a lot of complaints about others so maybe this is a good thing?

What kind of beadboard did you use? 

We ordered tongue & groove mdf headboard planks from our local lumber yard [West Michigan lumber]. It’s easier to handle & work with in our humble opinion & of course we love the look.

Why did you take the insulation out & expose the ceiling?

This has been something I’ve wanted to do since the shed was delivered years ago. I always felt the ceiling was so low & had more potential to feel bigger & I was right. The ceiling being exposed has made it look like a whole new space. The way we peaked it has a gap between the ceiling & the roof which traps a lot of the heat coming off the roof & based on the location it catches really good airflow with the windows open. For the winter months it’s so small that a space heater will suffice for our needs. We do not need it to be temperature controlled all the time. 

What do you have left to do? 

A small list of to-do’s right now:

-make the windows cozier with some diy window panes & some window treatments. 

-build a table on the entry side & add a curtain to the table for storage. 

-build shelves on both sides of the shed that mirror each other for more storage. 

-paint the lockers & add hardware. 

-sand down that table in the middle & bleach it.

-add some white cottage farm details/decorate.

-I’m sure there will be more fun to be had, but for now that’s a great start.

What will you be using this space for? 

That’s a great question. Right away it will of course offer storage to the pool area for all of the things, but besides that every space on our farm we try to make a creative space  as well. We hope to be able to use this space for other things like creating, escaping the house in the winter, & more. When the space is done I’m sure we will be updating & finding more purposes. 

I will be adding to this list of questions as they are asked to add more helpful details. I hope this first round is super helpful & I look forward to sharing more of the pool shed with you all! xx