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Cozy Terracotta pumpkins – Cozy Cottage Farmhouse Fall Decor

Ok.. each year I go overboard on something. This kind of reminds me of the Target jack-0-lanterns of 2021 on our farmhouse porch.. you know these are coming back this year! I’m a seasonal gal who really thrives in the fall what can I say? I also tend to put a lot of my home decor budget towards fall decor & this year I HAD to add these terracotta pumpkins to my fall decor collection. I knew when I saw them that they would be a piece that I would keep forever & use year to year because they are so classic & let’s face it… cute! They are the perfect addition to our cozy cottage farmhouse fall decor vibe that we always have here…

I unpacked them today & had to style them quickly for photos here. I will take time to style them more this season, but here in the living room they were pretty stinkin’ cute lined up here. Each year I add something big to our fall decor, last year it was [these jack-o-lanterns] that I added, & this year it’s now these little guys. I loved them online [clearly], but in person they are EVEN BETTER. The quality is amazing, they are so heavy, & they truly look like handmade/antique finds. I was so thankful that they were so good since I ordered so many. I also found a “dupe” for these that are a LOT LESS money and are still that heavy terracotta feel in white [HERE].

This is another great time to add that you DO NOT need any new home decor every season, but it’s fun to add to your collection each year if it’s in the budget & these are pretty darn cute. They come in 3 sizes small medium & large you can see [HERE]. & of course home decor is part of my job so I usually go overboard, but you could just get one or two.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today! I hope you are looking forward to seeing these jack-o-lanterns styled around the farm this season! xx