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How To Make Stems Look More Realistic

I am here today with a super super simple tip for you as we head into the fall season, but really this is for every season & how to make stems look more realistic no matter what season you are in. This all started when I purchased the dupe for my favorite fall stems that were discontinued. The dupe is from Amazon [HERE] & the listing photo made them look like an exact dupe for my favorite stems, but when they showed up they were almost the same with some minor differences like color variation & most of all the sheen of the stems & leaves. The leaves on the dupe were shiny & not as realistic as the original & as soon as I shared in my stories so many of you who were watching agreed & as soon as I mentioned we should journey to make them less shiny… so many of you were on board with that too! I used some modge podge which proved to be too thick, I thought about adding some paint, but the easiest method became the winner & it was something I had on hand already at home…

Unfiltered photo now of the original stems on the left & the dupes on the right:

The simple fix? Matte spray sealer! You can really use any brand, but I had this one [HERE] on hand. You can see above the original stem on the left & the dupe on the right. Photos don’t show just how shiny the leaves are on the one on the right, but you can see videos of the stems over on my Instagram [HERE] in my stem highlight & my recent reel.

All I had to do was give the amazon leaves one to two layers of this matte sealer & they came out beautifully just like the original leaves as far as sheen & they looked A LOT more realistic. You could apply the matte sealer to faux pumpkins, seasonal stems, & so much more to make it look more realistic or even just more your style. You can get the sources for the matte sealer, stems, & amber vases [HERE].

I styled the leaves quickly in our kitchen to show you the finished product after I sprayed them with matte sealer, but I may even go in with more & see what happens. I’m sad the leaves are sold out now after I shared them in stories the other day, but I will alert when they come back in stock. Be sure to follow me over on Instagram to get the latest updates. Also check out some more of my cozy cottage farmhouse fall finds from amazon [HERE].  Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today & I hope that this little tip helps in some way! xx